What is WordPress?

If you are interested in creating a website or blogging professionally, then you must have heard the name of WordPress from many of you and must have tried to know about it, so if you also want to know about WordPress then this Must read post What is WordPress

Friends, if we talk about making your website, then the first thing to do is to learn HTML or learn Java or learn web designing, but since the advent of WordPress, there is no need to learn all these things. WordPress to create an open source website. There is a tool where you can create a great website or blog without learning web designing –

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Who created WordPress
Matt Mullenweg created WordPress, he discovered big software like WordPress at the age of 20, and then he did not know that going forward, most of the world’s websites will be made from WordPress only, he made WordPress 27 May Launched in 2003 as open source, it is the tool to make the world’s most popular open source website today, it is also called Content Management System ie CMS.

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Why do professional bloggers choose WordPress????
So after all, what is it in WordPress that most of the world’s websites are made on WordPress, for example, if you feel like eating pizza, then there are 3 ways –

First you understand the recipe of making pizza yourself and then collect all its ingredients and then make pizza
Another way is to go to a pizza maker and order it, what type of pizza do you want and then enjoy it, it can be a bit expensive.

The third way is you go to the market, buy ready-made pizza, bring it home, heat it and eat it.
Similarly, if you want to make a website for yourself, first of all you have to learn web designing, that too in a professional way then you will be able to create a website, the second way is you will go to a web designer and tell him all your things that you will have a website.

What are the things I need, for which he will charge you a good fee and will make you a website and you will also have to contact him for updates from time to time, the third way is you go to WordPress, simple there you have your domain. And attach hosting, make a website, you do not need to do much, you get a lot of plugins there already, you have to make a website related to anything, just install it and you are done, you need to learn some programming No, you do not need to learn any web designing, all the things are available to you on WordPress.

WordPress is awesome
On WordPress, you get a lot of options that you need to create a website, whether you want to create a simple blog or a dynamic website or a single commercial website, you get the option to create all types of websites on WordPress. and you can create your own professional website in few hours nowadays many people are running their business through wordpress only.

Is WordPress free?
This question comes in the mind of many people, is WordPress free, then it is important for them to know that WordPress.org is available for free to all people, but when you go to WordPress, you will have to pay for the domain and hosting service. But if you go to WordPress.com, then the domain and hosting are available from WordPress itself, but there are some disadvantages as well, there you cannot change the theme of your choice as well as with your domain name. WordPress.com is always connected in me, so if you want to create a professional website and can also afford domain and hosting, then there is no better option than WordPress, although Google’s blogger.com is also nothing less but there WordPress Equal options are not available

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