What Is Web Hosting

What is web hosting and what is its importance in online business?
Online business cannot be imagined without web hosting, website is very important in online business, online business is not easy without website. The development of the Internet has given rise to many new opportunities, in today’s time it is easier than ever to start and operate a business. If we talk about online business then its main part is website.

What is a website and what are its main parts? (website body)
Any business needs a website for online presence like this website is www.onlinekarobar.in. it has two parts

1 – Domain name

2 – Web Hosting

domain name-
The main name of any website that appears on the Internet is its domain name, as if the domain name of this website is an online business.

Whenever you book a domain name, you also have its extension associated with it like dot com (.com), dot in (.in), dot org (.org) etc.

Top Websites to Book Domain Names –
1 – Hostinger

2 – Hostgator

3 – Name giveaway

4 – Interserver.net

5- Accuwebhosting.com

Web Hosting-
In online business all the content or content of your website is visible only on hosting. We can understand this from this example that when we rent a shop in the market to start a business and also keep some name of our shop, here domain name is your shop name while domain name is shop name. name is. The place is hosting and we have to pay the rent of this place annually, you can take it for two or three years together.

What are the characteristics of a good hosting service? (Quality of good hosting services) –
storage facility-

Anytime while buying web hosting, keep in mind that the amount of storage facility the service provider is providing is in GB, some hosting service providers offer unlimited storage service, so take care of storage while taking hosting.

Number of access to websites –

It doesn’t matter if you want to make a website, but if you are a blogger or affiliate marketer and run many websites, then before taking this hosting it is important to see how many websites you can run on the hosting.

Email Number-

While taking web hosting, keep in mind how much email facility your service provider is providing you.


Its speed is very important in the success of any website, if your website is uploaded fast then visitors like to visit it.

reliable –

The hosting plan which has stability means that there is not much downtime, that hosting is considered good. For this buy High Quality Hosting, do not compromise on money.

help –

This is a very important service, the quality of any hosting provider depends a lot on its support system. If you come across a technical issue, it should be resolved immediately, otherwise your website will immediately lose many good customers.

Best Web Hosting Provider Companies:
Based on all these qualities, we have made a list of some web hosting service providers that are better, some of them may be expensive or cheap, but this list is the choice of many bloggers and digital marketers.

1 – BlueHost – Most bloggers or digital marketing professionals recommend BlueHost, you look at Harsh Agarwal of Shout Me Loud or Pritam Nagrale of big blogs like Money Connexion, all consider Bluehost to be a good web hosting provider and in this they all There are qualities that are mentioned above.

2 – Site Ground – Site Ground’s 2019 unfolded very quickly. SiteGround is highly recommended by people in today’s digital world. SiteGround is considered to be top in terms of its speed and customer service, apart from this it also has very less problems like server down or low bandwidth. A little pricey but you will get full value for your money.

3-Godaddy- To start online blogging or e-commerce business, most of the people first like to take hosting and domain name of Godaddy. I have multiple domains on Godaddy. GoDaddy’s customer service is good and the work related to c-panel or any admin can be done easily on their website.

4 – Hostgator – Hostgator is also a good option for Domain Name and Hosting. On Hostgator, you will get Domain Name and Hosting available at a great and affordable price. Hostgator also keeps running many offers, which you can take advantage of on time.

5 – Interserver.net – This hosting service provider was already popular in foreign countries, but in the last two years it has made a good hold in the Indian market. Inters in good web hosting

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