What is Video SEO

Before understanding Video SEO, you need to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because video SEO is born out of SEO itself. SEO is that set of techniques that makes a photo, video, article, product etc. easy to find and rankable for Search Engines. That is, with the help of SEO, Search Engines are able to easily find any article, video etc. And can decide its ranking. Search engines have their own algorithm for this work. And they work accordingly.

When you search any keyword on Google, then you definitely see 4-5 YouTube videos in the search results. Is not it? This charisma is possible only due to video SEO. Video SEO means optimizing the video in such a way that it appears on the top position in the search results. That is, appear on the first page. So that maximum traffic (views) comes on the video. For this it is necessary to do proper SEO of the video. Along with this, it is also important to keep the video optimized according to the changes in the algorithm from time to time.

Types of Video SEO
Like SEO, Video SEO is also of three types: – First, White Hat Video SEO (White Hat Video SEO). Second, Black Hat Video SEO (Black Hat Video SEO). And the third is Gray Hat Video SEO (Grey Hat Video SEO). Now what do they mean and what is the difference between these three? Come on, let’s know.

  1. White Hat Video SEO
    It is considered right and legal. Because the SEO techniques used under this are all according to the rules. Therefore it is Search Engine Friendly. If I say in simple language, the title, thumbnail and tags of the video are all related to the video. And the views on the video are also absolutely real. Although it is a bit slow, but it is very beneficial for long-time.

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  1. Black Hat Video SEO
    This is considered wrong and illegal. Because all the techniques used under it are against the rules. Therefore it is not Search Engine Friendly. Under this, the video has nothing to do with its title, thumbnail and tags. Also, unethical methods, such as bots and Clickbait are resorted to to get views on the video. Although it is very fast, but its lifespan is very short. Once caught, the video gets blocked. And the channel gets terminated forever.
  2. Gray Hat Video SEO
    It is actually a mixture of white hat and black hat. In this, both legal and illegal techniques are used, but within a range. Under this, you can get good views by playing with the title, thumbnail and tags of the video. But the risk of getting caught is always there. Because in this a balance of right and wrong has to be maintained. If the percentage of wrong increases even a little bit then the video gets blocked. Also the channel is put in the blacklist. Therefore, it should be used only after having complete information.

Why is Video SEO Important?
Let us understand it through an example. Suppose you worked hard and a lot of research for a month and made a video, which is the best video of its subject. But despite this, only counted views come on that video, as they come on a normal video. Whereas while making the video, you felt that this video would create panic. And will go beyond at least 10 Million Views. Because you have full confidence in your content. But after uploading the video you saw that only counted views have come.

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And this happened because your content did not reach the people for whom you created it. That is, Search Engines could not find your video. Why couldn’t you find it? Because the right keywords were not used in your video. And since Keyword is the only way that leads Search Engines to your video. Therefore it is very important to use the right keywords in the video. Now what are the correct keywords? How and where to get them? And where and how to use in the video? Let us know in detail.

What are Keywords?
This is the most important and trickiest job of Video SEO. But if you learned to use keywords correctly! So understand that more than half the field has been won. Just as a lock cannot be opened with the wrong key. Similarly, your video cannot be searched with the wrong keywords. Therefore it is very important to use the right keywords. But what is this keyword?

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Keyword means the word that you search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Youtube etc. For example, if you want information about Youtube SEO in Hindi. So you will search on Google by writing “Youtube SEO Kya Hai” or “Youtube SEO in Hindi”. Just these are called keywords.

Types of Keywords
Keywords are mainly of two types. The first is short tail keywords, and the second is long tail keywords. But over time, the change in the algorithm of Search Engines gave birth to many more new keywords. such as

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