What is Sitemap and Types of Sitemap

Before starting SEO, you must have heard that we should submit the sitemap of our website. Actually submitting Sitemap is important in SEO. Submitting a sitemap of a website leads to a ranking increase of the website. So this question must have come in your mind as well that in this article you will learn complete information about Sitemap.

When we do SEO of our website, we have to submit the sitemap of our website. When we submit Sitemap in a proper way, it helps in increasing the Organic Rank of our website. So let’s first understand Sitemap Meaning.

Sitemap Kya Hai (What is Sitemap in Hindi)
Sitemap is a file that contains a list of the pages of the website. In this file there is a proper category wise list of all the pages of the website.

You must be knowing the Sitemap to some extent by the name itself. MAP of SITE means MAP of any website like Pages, Post, Categories, Images, Videos and how many pages are there and where. All the things are in a proper file called Sitemap.

Actually Sitemap contains a list of all the pages so that Search Engine can crawl and index our website in a proper way. Search engines do not have to search the pages of our website much. In a way, we help in Crawling and Indexing their work for Search Engines by submitting Sitemap.

Submitting a sitemap also benefits the user. By creating a sitemap, the user can easily find any category in our website.

Actually there are different types of Sitemaps. At present, you must have understood that Sitemap Kya Hota Hai. Now I will tell you how many types of Sitemaps are there and what is their work. After knowing this, all the Doubt related to your Sitemap will be cleared.

How many types of sitemap are there? Types Of Sitemap in Hindi
There are mainly 2 types of Sitemaps:

XML Sitemap
Sitemap HTML
What is XML Sitemap (What is XML Sitemap in SEO in Hindi)
An XML Sitemap is a file that is in XML format. It contains a list of all the pages of the website. With the help of which the Search Engine Crawler can crawl and index the website in a proper way. It is made for search engines only.

what is the xml sitemap
An XML Sitemap looks like this.

Sitemap Kya Hai – Understand by Example

By example, if I explain to you what is an XML Sitemap, then suppose if someone has a very big house. You also know that a website has many pages. So if there are pages in a website, in the same way there are many rooms in a house.

And if someone comes to this house and he does not know which room is where. So you can understand very well how much he will have to find and work hard to go to a particular room.

But if a map is put on the door of the house, whose name should be named Home Map. So one can easily go to any particular room of the house by looking at that map. And not much time will be wasted either.

Similarly, we give the map of our website to the search engine which is called XML Sitemap. In which there is a list or map of all the pages. So that search engines can easily find and crawl any webpages.

If the sitemap will not submit. If Google will not have a map of your site, then it may be that Google is crawling your old page and not crawling the newly published page.

Because even without an XML Sitemap, your website will be crawled, but in this your website may not be crawled quickly. Because when Search Engine will get your just published page then it will crawl.

That is why we submit an XML Sitemap so that we can easily give a map of all our pages to the search engine so that the website can be crawling and indexing in a proper way.

To check XML Sitemap, you type your domain name in the search engine and then after typing slash (Sitemap.xml) and click Enter. For example, if the domain of my website is dminhindi.com, then I will type in Google to see the sitemap (dminhindi.com/sitemap.xml).

So now you must have understood that what is XML Sitemap. If you still have doubts then you should watch the video given above once. You will understand completely practically what is XML Sitemap and what is its type. And how to check sitmap.

What is HTML Sitemap (What is Sitemap HTML in Hindi)
HTML Sitemap is created for the user. With this, the user can easily find the topic or page of any particular category of your website.

In this all the important categories of the website are made. And inside that category there are pages of all the sub topics which are made from Anchor Text. With which the user can easily see any category by clicking on it.

Normally HTML Sitemap is created for the user. By which the user can easily find any particular page of the website through HTML Sitemap because in HTML Sitemap, the list of all the important pages of the website is category wise.

You must have seen links to many pages in the footer of many websites. Actually that sitemap is HTML. Sitemap HTML is mostly made in the footer section of the website.

To know about Complete Technical SEO read: Technical SEO Tutorial in Hindi

Why is it important to create a Sitemap?
If you make a Sitemap of your website, then what about your website?

Crawling and Indexing will be done in a proper way. By submitting an XML Sitemap, you help the search engines in a way. This leads to Organic Ranking Increase of your site. And this will lead to proper crawling and indexing of all the pages of your website.
By creating Sitemap HTML, the user will be able to navigate in your website in a proper way. If the user is looking for a page and if not found, he can easily see it by going to Sitemap HTML. This improves User Experience.
How to Create a Sitemap (Sitemap Kaise Banaye)
There are some easy ways to create a sitemap, with the help of which you can create a sitemap.

If your website is on WordPress then there are many SEO plugins like Yoast, Rank math. With the help of these, you can create a Sitemap. And can be updated from time to time through Google Search Console.
You can submit a sitemap of your website through Google Search Console. You will get the option of Sitemap in Google Search Console.
If your website is not on WordPress then you can generate Sitemap of your website with Sitemap Generator Tool and then submit it in Root File of your website and create Sitemap.
Creating a sitemap of the website is very important. You must at least create an XML Sitemap of your site, this leads to your Organic Website Ranking Increase. I hope you have understood what sitemap is, how many types are there and why it is important. If you want to learn how to make Sitemap Practically, then watch the above video in which Complete Sitemap Tutorial in Hindi is explained. If you have any kind of question related to this then you must ask by commenting.

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