What is SEO

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Namely, optimizing your site and site content for search engines. So that your blog post appears at the top of the search result page.

Suppose you have written a post by doing Keyword Research, SEO in Hindi, now you would definitely want your keyword to come at number 1 position of all popular search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. And this can happen only if you follow the process of SEO well on your blog.

Simply put, SEO means whatever activities we do to show your online content at the top of the search result page through a particular keyword, it is called search engine optimization.

How search engine works
Search engines like Google and Bing use bots to crawl web pages. Which collects information about pages from each site and indexes them.

The algorithm then analyzes the index web page and determines in which query the page should be shown on the search results page.

Why SEO is important for blog
You must have understood the meaning of SEO. Let us now know why it is important to do SEO on a blog?

Why should you publish a very high quality post after starting blogging? If you do not do SEO of your blog then your blog will not be visible on the search engines.

And if the keyword on which you write the post will not come on the search result page, then how will the visitors come to it?

With the help of SEO, you can tell the search engine about your post, on which keyword you have written the post. Which search engines will easily store your content in their database.

And whenever your keyword and related keywords are searched on search engine, it shows your blog on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

To get the content of your blog to the people, you have to understand the techniques of SEO. With the help of search engine optimization, you can show your blog to as many people as possible. And you can easily bring organic and unpaid traffic to your blog.

Benefits of SEO
You must have understood why SEO is important for a blog. Let us now know about the benefits of SEO.

1) With SEO, your blog gets visible on Google and other search engines.

2) Proper SEO done post gets high rank in SERPs. And this is the rank, domain authority and income of the blog.

3) Organic visitors to the blog will increase.

4) Blog will get High Quality dofollow backlinks.

5) Will definitely share your post coming from search engine on social media too. Which will also bring traffic to the blog from social media

6) Earning from blog will be good.

types of seo
There are many types of SEO like,

technical seo

on page seo

off page seo

local seo

mobile seo

But the most important of these are Technical SEO, On Page and Off Page SEO. And each type of SEO is done in different ways at different times.

technical seo
In Technical SEO, we make our blog SEO friendly. And the goal of doing technical SEO on a blog is just so that Search Engine Crawlers can crawl and index your web pages without any trouble.

Technical SEO is done on the blog to tell the search engines about your blog.

Below I tell you in some points what we have to do in this. Which you will be able to understand better how technical SEO is done on the blog.

Check and optimize the Robots.txt file so that search engines can access your website correctly.
Add and verify your domain on Google Search Console.
Create a sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console.
Optimize the URL structure of the blog.
Follow SEO friendly web design. Meaning make the design of the blog SEO friendly.
So now you must have understood what is technical SEO and how to do it in Hindi. Let us now know what is on page and off page SEO and how to do it on a blog.

on page seo
what is seo

Whatever you optimize inside your post comes on page like sitemap, keywords, website speed, title tag, meta description, image alt tag, internal links, bold important, post heading, post length, site design etc.

How to do On Page SEO? Every blogger should know this very well. Because with On-Page SEO, you can increase unpaid traffic from search engines to your blog.

Also, with On-Page Optimization, you can also make your blog popular in a very short time.

Below I will tell you about some such Best On Page SEO Tips. And it is very important for every blogger to follow them properly.

blog loading speed

Website loading speed is very important. Your blog should be up in 2, or 3 seconds. Otherwise your visitors will go to some other sites.

To make blog fast loading, you should use Simple and Fast Loading Theme on your website. Use less Ads, Widget, Popup, which will speed up the loading speed of your blog.

And you can use Gtmetrix, Pingdom free tools to check the loading speed of your blog.

blog navigation

Use the navigation on your website to view blogs or move from page to page. So that both Google and visitors can see your site well

what is rd
Title Tag

Always make the title tag of blogs or websites attractive. A good title tag increases the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your blog and do not add more than 60-65 words to the title.


The URL of the post is permalink, and the permalink of the post should always be clean. Due to which what is on your post to the search engine bots? This should be easy to understand.

As you must have seen that the URL of some posts is domain name / p = 34533. And such URLs are not SEO friendly.

So you always add short and clean permalink. For example, myhindinotes/seo-kya-hai. And don’t forget to add keyword on permalink.

Mata Description

The short description of the post has to be written on Meta Description. So that it is easy for the search engine to understand your post. And you get a good position on the search engine.

Alt Tag

You must know what is the value of the image on the post. But are your images SEO friendly?

To make photos seo friendly, compress, rename, and use Alt tag on images. Due to which you will also get some traffic from the images of your blog.


Interlinking improves the ranking of your post. It also helps in reducing the bounce rate of dzS and blog.

But always add related keywords in interlinking. And never add unrelated links.

Otherwise, the rank of your post will get worse instead of being good.

High Quality Content

Content is king. The more high quality posts you write, the more visitors will like your blog.

So always share the post with complete information. And never copy from any blogger’s blog. And follow the Search Engine Guidelines properly.

And to write a high quality content, you add the keyword well to the post. And use Long Tail Keyword on the post.

Then make Headings also Attractive, and better with LSI keyword. Because when the search bots crawl your blog, they also check the headings.

So the title of the post is H1, in the rest of the place you add H2, H3, H4 headings.

These were On Page SEO Tips in Hindi. So let’s now know about Off page Seo.

Off Page SEO
seo kya hai

This is the opposite of on page. Meaning the ones that optimize inside the site, those on-page or those that promote outside the site are called off-page SEO.

Below I will tell you about some of the best off page seo techniques. Which is very important to follow.

Search Engine Submission

Submit the blog to all popular search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, Baidu.

Blog Directory Submission Sites

There are many such high PR blog directory submission sites on the Internet. Where you can create high quality backlinks for your blog by submitting your blog.

I have told about 25 Hindi blogs directory submission sites on this site. Where you can submit your blog.

Bookmarking Sites

There are many social sites where you can share your blog posts. And Bookmarking Sites is very beneficial for SEO.

Like, share your blog post on Indiblogger, Stumbleupon, Digg, Delicious sites. And bring visitors to your blog from the bookmarking site.

Social Networking Site

Social sites are a great place to promote a blog for free. To increase social traffic on the blog, you create accounts, pages, and groups on all social sites. And share your every post.

Forum Posting

Why don’t you start blogging on any topic. You will find forums for every topic, join them and answer visitors’ questions. And also add the link of your blog on it.

Classified Submission

There are many such free classified sites on the Internet where you can advertise your websites.

Some popular classified sites like, Olx, Quikr, Click. Promote your websites on in etc.

Question and Answers Sites

Join Popular Question and Answers Sites like, Quora, Yahoo question and ask questions on your niche related topic. Also give answers to other’s questions and also promote the link of your blog.

Blog Commenting

Comment on the related blog of your blog and also add a link to your website on the comments box. You will also get high quality backlinks for your blog and some new visitors regularly.

Guest Post

You can also increase the traffic of your blog by writing guest posts on related blogs of your blog. And guest post is the best way to create Dofollow backlink on blog.

Just for this you write High Quality & SEO friendly post. And post a guest on the related blog of your niche.

So this was the way to do Off-Page SEO, apart from these, you can also increase the visitors of your blog by sharing the images of your blog post on photo shearing sites or by pinning it on Pinterest.

What is Black Hat vs White Hat vs Gray Hat SEO
People like to do everything in different ways. Just like some people follow the right way and some do the wrong way. Black, white and gray hat SEO is also similar.

What is Black Hat SEO
Many beginners think that black hat SEO is a type of SEO.

But the meaning of black hat seo, it is just a word. Which is used to trick search engine algorithms

Any activities done for this is called Black Hat SEO.

Or if we say in simple language, if we try to rank any content on the search engine against Google Guidelines, then you can call it black hat.

And your blog rank will be low with black hat SEO techniques. Also you will have to be banned from google search result.

That’s why you should never follow black hat seo.

What is White Hat SEO
This is the opposite of black hat seo. That is, when we apply any SEO tips to any content to rank it high on the search result page by following Google webmaster guidelines, it is called white hat SEO.

And in long tram blogging you always have to follow white hat seo.

What is Gray Hat SEO
When you optimize a content to get a high rank on the search engine by doing both black hat and white hat SEO, then it is called Gray Hat SEO.

And gray hat seo techniques can also rank down your blog. So it would be better if you avoid it too.

Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat
SEO Basic Terms In Hindi
SEO is a very big thing and to understand it well you should be aware of all the trams.

Below I will tell about some important SEO terms, about which every blogger must know.

PageRank: Pagerank is an algorithm. Which Google uses to see which relative important pages are on the web, and how many rank it is.

Backlinks: These are the links that come to your site from other sites. And the higher the Dofollow backlinks of the site, the more the search ranking of web pages improves.

Keyword Density: The percentage of times a keyword has been added to a blog post is called Keyword Density. And density is very important parts in seo.

Keyword Stuffing: Like keyword density is very important for SEO. But if a keyword is added more than necessary, then it is called Keyword Stuffing. And this is the first step of black hat seo.

Robots.txt: Robots.txt is a file, by using it, it tells the search engine boots how is the structure of your websites.

Title Tag: Title tag means title tag of web pages. And this is very important in SEO.

Meta Tags: By using this, the search engine gets to know what your post is about.

SERPs: The full form of SERPs is search engine result pages. And it shows the same pages which are related to the search keyword and its relevant on Google search engine.

Anchor text: Anchor text is the text of the backlink. And this is a clickable text. If you add keywords to this, then you get more profit in seo.

Search Algorithm: With the help of Google Search Algorithm, you can find out which web pages are relevant. Minimum 200 algorithm works in google search algorithm.

Frequently Ask Questions
You must have understood what SEO is and how it is done. Let us now know about some questions and answers related to SEO.

Is Internet Marketing and SEO the same?
No, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are not the same. And there is a lot of difference between the two.
There are many parts of online marketing, one of which is SEO.
And this is a tool with the help of which it is easy to do Internet marketing.

What is the difference between SEO and Search Engine Marketing?
The biggest difference between SEO and SEM is that search engine optimization is an important part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
Let us know the difference between the two.
SEO is a process through which bloggers optimize their blog in such a way that they can easily rank blog content in search engines and bring organic traffic to their blog.
Search Engine Marketing is an online marketing process through which you can make your blog more visible in the search engine.
Due to which traffic will come to the blog whether it is free or paid traffic.

What is Organic and Inorganic Result?
There are two types of listings on the Search Engine Result page, Organic and Inorganic.
In which we have to pay for inorganic listing.
And organic listing is free, and for this you will have to do SEO.

Is Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization the same?
No, social media marketing and search engine optimization are not the same thing. And these two are the parts of online marketing.
In which by doing search engine optimization, you will get a lot of organic ie unpaid traffic for the blog.
And from Social Media Marketing you will get three types of traffic for your website Paid, Unpaid and Direct Traffic.

Final Words
Without SEO you will never get organic traffic for your blog. So a new blogger should never ignore it. With search engine optimization, your blog’s earning traffic, ranking, everything is good.

But always remember if you want to become a successful blogger then never follow black hat seo. And always follow white hat seo.

Finally, I hope that what is SEO, now you must have understood. But still, if you have any question in your mind, then tell on the comment box below.

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