What is Domain

What is domain?
Domain is the identity of your website, any person can access your website through your domain, just as you are known by your name, in the same way your website on the Internet is known by your domain name. Unique Domain Name The domain name of two websites can never be the same.

what is dns
The full name of DNS is Domain Name System, there is a unique IP address for every website, through which we can go to that site, it is different for every site, it is numerical or in numbers which we can easily access. Can’t remember from. So to solve this problem domain name system was started, in which IP address is associated with a special letter name, domain name is google.com, flipkart.com, amazon.com but computer know them by name, I know them by their IP address, that is, only in numbers, in the presence of an IP address something like

what is url
Before knowing completely about the domain, you need to know about the URL. The full form of URL is Uniform Resource Locator, every web page inside the website has a different URL, that is, every post will have a different URL. When you share a post, you share the URL of that webpage at that time.

domain type

  1. TLD: Top Level Domain
    Top level domain is given the highest priority in every search engine, whether the search engine is Google or any other search engine, top level domain increases the reputation of the site, if you are buying a domain by paying then you will also do the same. Try your domain to be top level domain like you are seeing .com at the end of our site Aaditaysunil.com this .com is a top level domain domain if you are getting domain from any site for free are not top level domains, they provide you domain for free. Dot com means commercial here i.e. business, similarly I tell you the meaning of top level domain. .com (this is business related)
    .org (this is for any organization)
    .net (it stands for Internet Administration)
  2. ccTLD: Country Code Top Level Domain Domain
    Country code top level domain is also a special type of top level domain, under this when you buy a site, you get a country code next to your top level domain so that anyone can see your site and tell that Who is this. Which country is the site and for which country this site is made like google.com is a site but google.com.in does not run inside India but google.com.in runs it .in is a country code .in means India, similarly there are many country codes like

.in India)
UK (England)

  1. gTLD: Generic Top Level Domain
    The non-profitable domains of generic top level domains include those related to the military or related to the government or related to educational institutions such as

.mil (pertaining to the military)
.edu (this is for education)
.gov (This is not for government jobs)

  1. Other Domain Name Types
    Second level domain (top level domain and top and country code top level domain when written together is known as secondary domain like .com.in)
    Subdomains (like in this if you create a blog from Google blogger then you get blogspot.com domain, then here is blogspot domain, inside which you have got top level domain of .com but because of the support of people inside it), this all domain becomes low market value)
    Free Domain (There are many websites that provide you many free domains like .xyz but the market value of these free domains is very low, people do not trust it and people also have privacy tension)
    Search Domain Names | How to find a unique name for a domain
    To do domain name search, first you will need a unique name Unique domain You can buy a domain in your name or your business name, but you should remember that to create a unique domain, your domain name is in this way. Don’t make That’s hard to speak up if people don’t understand its meaning, so create a simple name domain.

To confirm whether the domain you think exists or not, you can go to the Godaddy website and click on Find New Domain to check for a new domain, if you think the domain exists, buy it Take it can do

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