What is Digital Marketing?

All of you must have been hearing the name of Digital Marketing often. In this article, we will tell you what is Digital Marketing and what are its benefits. Also, we will tell you how to do digital marketing if we want to do it ourselves and how to earn money from it.

In this age of internet, you are getting to know about many such new things and online works which are really making our life easier. The situation is such that we do more than 70% of our normal work with the help of internet.

Whether to pay electricity bill, book a cylinder, buy something, recharge mobile or Dish Tv, send any documents to someone, take money or transfer it to someone’s account or order your favorite food from anywhere. Ho.

There are many such tasks which the Internet has made very easy. Otherwise, think about how much time we used to waste in doing all these things. According to an estimate, now 60% of the world’s population has access to the Internet, and this figure is increasing rapidly every year.

Only the increasing reach of the Internet to the people gave birth to Digital Marketing and it achieved immense success. We will give you complete information about Digital Marketing Kya Hai, but first read some more points carefully so that you can understand the whole matter properly.

So we were telling that as the Internet was getting accessible to the common people, in the same way a huge group of online customers was getting ready. You must have heard that talk of successful businessmen that where crowds of customers are seen, they should showcase one or the other product, earn profit only.

Simply doing this work online, that is, displaying your product in front of the people who are using the Internet, is called Digital Marketing. If you still have not understood, then let us explain to you in some detail what is Digital Marketing and how it is done.

What Is Digital Marketing In Hindi – What Is Digital Marketing
Do you know that Google itself does digital marketing and generates a huge income from it every year. We are here clearly explaining to you how Google does Digital Marketing. Just read carefully and understand the process.

We and all of you spend most of our time on the Internet on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube and Google. Whatever we want to buy, we want to get complete information about it first. Want to know about it, what are its shortcomings and what are the features.

Digital Marketing Kaise Start Kare

We mostly use Google and Youtube to know about the products well. Suppose you have to take such a Protein Supplement from “Besto” Company, about which people are giving good reviews, but you are not yet fully aware of it.

You do not know what else you will get along with Protein by taking that product. What is the price of that product on the Internet. So to get all this information, you searched in Google “Best Company Protein Supplement”.

Now Google will show you many different websites in search results that contain information about that product. You will also get the option of Purchasing it Online with Discount on those websites itself.

But suppose here that you have closed the websites by taking only the information, you have not bought the product. So now this is where the real game begins. Now you will easily understand what is Digital Marketing and how Google itself does it.

You did a product search on Google, Google took note of this. He came to know that this guy needs Protein Supplement and he wants to buy some good product. So from here Google starts its Digital Marketing work.

Now whenever you surf the Internet, Google will show you an Ad Show of a good Protein Supplement. This is what is called Digital Marketing. Its definition in simple language is that “Doing online advertising of any product on the Internet in front of the Targeted Audience is called Digital Marketing”.

Suppose you have a product of your own. For example, suppose that you make such a powder at home which works to improve digestion. So promoting that product online on the Internet and selling it online is called Digital Marketing.

Now it comes to what are the advantages of Digital Marketing. See Digital Marketing is very beneficial for both, for the customer and also for the seller. The first big advantage for the customer is that on buying things online, they get more discount on them, so they become cheaper.

The biggest desire of the customer is that he can get anything at a lower price than anywhere else. Secondly, when it comes to time, digital marketing gives you an opportunity to save your time. Suppose you have to take a Smartphone but you are not able to find it in the area around you.

So it is obvious that you have to go far to buy that which will cost you extra money for rent and your whole day will also be wasted. But you can order the same product online in just 2 minutes from the comfort of your home.

After that comes the matter of comparing the products among themselves. By reaching a shop directly, the crowd of people

It is a very difficult task to compare the products in front. The reality is that you can not tell the shopkeeper again and again to show other products.

The shopkeeper himself is in a very hurry, so you are not able to know which other products are there in this price range, which have better features than this, that is, which is better than this product.

Digital Marketing Kya Hai Aur Isse Paise Kaise Kamaye

But in this era of Digital Marketing, you can easily compare the features of many products in the same price without being shy from sitting at home and choose the best one.

Even on the Internet, you get public reviews for every type of product, so that you know how this product is. So what is Digital Marketing and what are its benefits, you must have got an idea.

How To Start Digital Marketing In Hindi – How To Do Digital Marketing
If you are thinking that how to earn money by doing digital marketing and how to start it yourself, then first of all you have to understand through which mediums you can do digital marketing. Yes, for Digital Marketing, you should have a crowd of people who keep coming online at some place.

Let us explain you in a little detail. First of all, to do digital marketing, you must have a computer or smartphone. After that comes the turn of Internet Connection. If you have both these things, then you can start Digital Marketing absolutely free from today itself.

But the first thing to note is that for the product you have, from where will you bring such an audience in front of whom you can promote it. So there are 3 main sources or mediums for this –

Your own website on which a lot of organic traffic comes.
Have your own Youtube Channel.
Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp etc.
Yes, these are the 3 most powerful mediums with the help of which you can start Digital Marketing. By the way, apart from this, there are many other things like E-mail Marketing and App Promotion etc.

But the 3 mediums that we have told are the best and most people earn a lot of money by doing digital marketing on them. Because these three are such platforms from where a lot of online customers can come out. Let us now know about all three in a little detail.

(1) How to start Digital Marketing from your own website – Suppose you have a Health Blog on which Daily 2000 Organic Traffic comes. This means that every day thousands of such people are coming to your website who are interested in Health Topics and Products.

Meaning if you want to promote a health product, then the people visiting your website will be “Target Audience”. Because they have reached your website only after searching on any health topic in Google. This means more people can buy your product.

So now what you have to do is that you should place an advertisement of that product in such posts which get maximum traffic throughout the day. More and more people will see that advertisement of yours and the one who wants to buy will contact you.

So in this way you can start Digital Marketing through your own blog. According to the product, having own blog of the same niche is very beneficial for digital marketing.

Because only those people come to your website who are interested in similar things. This increases the Selling Conversion Rate, that is, your sales increase, due to which your earnings are also very high.

(2) How to earn money from Digital Marketing on Youtube – After Google, Youtube is the world’s largest search engine where people search for a variety of things. If you have a Youtube Channel and you have millions of Subscribers, then you can easily achieve success in Digital Marketing.

You have to give a link to your Product Review Video in the description of each of your videos, which you have created to promote your product. If thousands of people out of millions watch that promotional video, then there is every possibility that at least 100 people show interest in buying it every day.

Apart from giving the link in the description, you can run your promotional ad just before the start of the video or at the very end. If the Promotional Video created by you is Attractive then 4 to 5% people will definitely see it.

(3) How to start Digital Marketing through Social Media – There are many people who neither have their own website, nor any Youtube channel nor any product of their own to sell.

Meaning that someone has just come to know that what is Digital Marketing. But he also wants to earn money by doing this work, so how and what should he do. Nothing to worry, if such people are also thinking that how to earn money from digital marketing, then there is nothing wrong in it, you can also do it.

For this you have to use Social Media Platforms. Nowadays Facebook and Instagram are the two biggest platforms that almost every person uses. So if you do not have your own blog or Youtube channel, then you can remove your customers from the audience on social media.

But first of all, you have to join a good Affiliate Program. Because you have your own product

If it is not, then you will have to sell the product of any other company. In return, they give you a certain commission on the sale of every product.

Let’s say you have created your Affiliate Account on Amazon and have selected some great health products as products. So now you have to show some understanding to earn more money by doing digital marketing through social media.

Meaning you do not have to promote your products wherever you come to mind. This will only waste your time. If your products are related to health, then promote your products in such Facebook Groups which are related to health.

More people will see that post of yours and you will get more online customers. In this way, you can start earning money from Digital Marketing by sharing your Product Promotional Post on other Social Media Platforms as well.

Digital Marketing has a very good scope in the future because with the increase in the number of Internet users in the coming time, the number of people Purchasing online is also bound to increase. So if smart work is done then you can earn a lot of money by doing digital marketing.

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