Top 10 WordPress Best plugins

Top 10 WordPress Best Plugins To Be Daily WordPress User: Hello Friends Today I will bare you some of the plugins that every successful WordPress user uses. If you are a WordPress user then you must have heard me bare of your plugins. You will find many plugins on WordPress. But the problem is that it is very important for you to know which plugin to use.

  1. Yoast SEO – SEO
  2. GOOGLE ANALYTICATOR – Analytics Plugin
  3. Add Anyone – Social Sharing Plugin
    wordpress best plugins
  4. Envira Gallery – Image Gallery
  5. Jetpack
    future of jetpack
  6. Login Lock Down for Security
  7. Auto Customize
  8. Google XML Sitemap Generator
  9. ShortPixel Image Optimizer
  10. Contact Form 7
  11. Yoast SEO – SEO
    Yoast SEO is very powerful SEO plugin. There is an option to add meta tag description. Yah also generates XML site maps. It gives you the option to fully focus on SEO. With EskHelp, you can know which of your post is SEO. You can also take care while writing the post, whether the post you are writing is SEO or not. Esme has many futures. My 1st day will do bare posts of Yoast SEO plugins. In it you will get complete information on how to use it.
  12. GOOGLE ANALYTICATOR – Analytics Plugin
    Yah Plugins is one of the best plugins for me to see traffic. Every successful WordPress user has seen how much traffic is on the website through plugins. Which visitor has come to your website by searching what. This information is very important for you, this will give you SEO keyboard while writing your post. Meaning that you know the interest of your visitor and write a post on our topic. Search engines can get traffic.
  13. Add Anyone – Social Sharing Plugin

Add to Any Share plugin is very popular plugin. In this way you can share your post on any social site. You can ask your visitors to share.

wordpress best plugins

  1. Envira Gallery – Image Gallery
    ydi aap bahut image use karte hai to apko image gallery ki jurrat hoti hai. Envira Gallery is a great plugin.

It helps in loading images quickly.
Add meta tag and alt posture can make the image SEO friendly.
This is purely to make the image responsive, mobile friendly.

  1. Jetpack
    Jetpack is a powerful plugin. There are many futures in this.

future of jetpack
Blocks spam comments.
Can send new post to the subscriber.
Can share new posts on automated social media sites. Can save your valuable time.
Can email and site to verify.
If you get all the other futures in one plugin then there is a problem. It is the best plugin in my opinion.

  1. Login Lock Down for Security

As you guys know that login with password is a term in WordPress. Many times try to hack our website. So you can strengthen the security of your website with the plugin. Which no one can hack your website.

For example, entering your website password 3 times wrong can lock the website for 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 24 hours. Which no one can hack the APK website.

  1. Auto Customize
    Yah plugin use to make website fast loading. You can optimize CSS and JavaScript code automatically. In which your website will be open at work time.
  2. Google XML Sitemap Generator
    The yah plugin generates XML sitemaps. Yah generates site maps for Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex. These plugins automatically generate bad site maps to use.
  3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer
    This plugin uses images for fast loading. Such an image has no effect on the quality.
  4. Contact Form 7
    Contact Form 7 Any visitor can send you a personal message. Message goes to email id. Some messages are private hot. Ginkgo cannot be sent to the public.

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