Top 10 New Bloggers Mistake

In the article Top 10 Blogging Mistakes , you will know what mistakes people make in blogging in the beginning. The mistakes made by new bloggers force them to face failure soon. Here we will know about some such common mistakes done in blogging.

Whenever someone starts his new blog, it is his dream (Dream Blog). Everyone steps into blogging after thinking in their own way and creates a new blog. He has some dreams and goals about that blog. Like in so many months his traffic will become so much and he will start earning so much.

But this dream of most bloggers remains in the ground when they realize that nothing is happening according to their plan. It is not happening at all as he had imagined. Neither is traffic coming and earning has no meaning even far and wide. Do you know why this happens in spite of hard work?

Here also the mistakes made by the new bloggers come in the way which stops their blog from progressing. But people start focusing their mind on other things without paying attention to those common blogging mistakes. Or think that come on man, everything will be fine in 2-3 months.

But it is not so, my brothers. Nowadays Blogging has also become very Competitive and Tought. If you think that you can be successful by putting post on post then you are wrong. If you keep doing these common mistakes, then even if you work hard for 2 consecutive years, you will not get success.

Blogging is no longer just a writing job, now you have to fix every small issue too. Otherwise, stop increasing your ranking, the incident will start. Understand from this example how the common mistakes made in blogging make your blog unsuccessful.

This example is our own and is 100% true. 3 years ago today we decided to make a Blog on Health. At that time we did not have any knowledge of blogging, only knew that we have to write posts and publish on our website.

With the dream of earning money, we started that blog and started writing posts. We are telling with our true soul that we started the blog with the thought that 500 Organic Traffic Per Day will start coming in 3 months and 1000+ traffic will come in 6 months.

That is, after only 6 months, a lot of earning starts, because anyway, there is a great CPC in Health Blog, due to which 1000 traffic also earns very well. It has been 3 months working with enthusiasm, it has been 6 months, it has been 9 months and what a complete 1 year.

You will not believe that after working hard on my behalf for 1 year, Organic Traffic was coming only 180 per day on that blog. All my dreams have become like air. I thought man, even the first 3 months of this target has not been achieved. We got completely demotivated and were in shock for a few days.

Thought that we would just leave blogging now, without wasting too much time, Better than this, even if you had done a job for 1 year, you would have earned at least 1 lakh rupees comfortably. But when the week was refreshed again after 2 weeks, then I thought that man has worked so hard for 1 year, so let’s see after doing 6 more months.

Then worked for 6 more months and after that 6 more months, but the condition of the blog was getting worse than before and finally I failed and I quit blogging by closing that blog. Now coming to the real story, why did I fail even after working for 2 years?

So listen all this happened because of my blogging mistakes. I messed with my blog so much you can’t believe it. What I did at that time to increase traffic, later I came to know that they are considered to be the biggest mistakes in blogging.

Most Common And Biggest Blogging Mistakes

But at that time all these things were not known. That is why it is said that everything comes slowly with experience. The same happens with all the new bloggers, they also repeat these mistakes and ruin their blog. And believe it, in the eyes of Google, once a blog got spoiled, it is very difficult to get up again.

So now we are going to tell you the Top 10 Mistakes done in Blogging which we should not do. If you have just started or are about to start blogging, then keep all these mistakes in your mind so that it does not happen to you which has happened with most of the new bloggers.

Common Blogging Mistakes– Mistakes Made by Bloggers
(1) Wasting time in designing a blog – Whenever someone creates a new blog, for the first 4-5 months, he spends most of the time looking at changing its design. They like to try and see new themes and change the look of the website again and again.

But they forget that in doing so, from the very beginning, they are getting harmed in 2 ways. One, because of this, his attention is not completely focused on his main work (Quality Content) and secondly, changing the theme etc. has a wrong effect on your rankings.

Keep in mind that Google never looks at the design of a blog. If this were the case, then the websites of big companies with money would be no. on every keyword. Would have been ranking at 1. But it is not like that at all. Don’t fall for the design of the blog, the look of your blog is simple and

Just keep the navigation good.

(2) Choosing the wrong hosting from the beginning – believe it or not, but now the role of hosting in blogging has also increased to a great extent. Starting work on Affordable Shared Hosting in the very beginning is one of the Biggest Blogging Mistakes which will definitely stand between you and success.

People think that if I am starting a new blog, then it will take a year and a half for traffic to come. That’s why I start work by purchasing this cheap hosting in the first year and if heavy traffic starts coming after 10-11 months then I will migrate to another hosting.

When traffic is not coming then why bear the cost of expensive hosting. These are very fatal and big mistakes made by new bloggers, for which they have to bear the brunt. In this affair, traffic does not come to new bloggers nowadays. Because now Website Loading Speed ​​has become an important factor.

And it would have been well known to you that by using any Cheap Shared Hosting, the response time of your website will increase and it will take time to load, which will be your ranking down. So if you want to be successful in blogging, then try to spend some more money on hosting.

(3) Being in the throes of SEO – It is also true that many new bloggers get entangled in this affair that how to do SEO of their post properly. Many people make their entire post like this in the pursuit of doing SEO. It seems that the post has been made only for Search Engines.

See, it is true that Search Engine Optimization is necessary. But Google also knows that the new blogger does not have enough experience to be able to do completely perfect SEO. This is the reason that even if the content of a new blogger is of high quality, but the SEO is not very good, then Google ranks it.

Because better content matters more to Google, then the rest comes. So if you are a beginner then instead of wasting more brain in SEO, just learn to do normal SEO and put all your mind in improving your content. SEO will also come to you with time.

(4) Copying Content – ​​What many new bloggers do is that by doing a little bit of content from the posts of different websites, they prepare the entire post and think that Google will not know. Google may not pay attention to your 2-4 posts.

But after that you have to believe that “Google Is Very Smart” will catch you. As soon as it catches your blog will be penalized for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year and will not even tell you. After that you will just keep thinking that why is the traffic not coming at all?

If you want to be successful in blogging, do not keep in mind that stolen content can never make you successful. So if you have to do blogging then do it honestly and create your own content which is a little different and better than others.

The blog of people who copy paste is completely ruined and after that even if you want to work honestly, Google will not give you such an opportunity. That’s why never copy anyone’s content. Once it comes in the eyes of Google, then the Trust Flow will be very less.

(5) Do not choose the topic of the blog according to your knowledge – When new people come to know that good money can be earned from blogging, then they are more attracted to it. But in this run, they forget to decide correctly what should be the niche of the blog.

Most of the new bloggers choose such a topic due to money, which neither they have much knowledge of nor are they interested in it. This is also a big blogging mistake. Remember “Interest” is a very big thing in blogging.

Mistakes made by new bloggers

If you do not enjoy writing for someone else, then sorry you will not be able to do blogging. Because in blogging it does not happen that in 4-5 months you earn so much money that you become a millionaire. Blogging is a long term business and in this you have to write with interest for years and years.

Only then will you be able to succeed, otherwise not. Those who choose the topic without their interest, they are able to do blogging for a maximum of 6-7 months. After that they get bored with it and make up their mind to leave blogging. So if you are going to start blogging then choose a topic that you enjoy.

(6) Repeated Post Editing – It is a good thing to make your posts better by editing them from time to time. But many new bloggers also flirt too much with those things which should not be done with them. One of which is the title of the post, the keywords used in the second post and the third is its permalink.

This is such a mistake of blogging that not only does your rankings go down to some extent but can also get your blog penalized. This was the biggest mistake we made in our first blog, which resulted in us closing our blog completely.

You edit the post, add some new content to it or add new images to it, but do not change the title and the keywords used in it again and again. Or do not try to put more keywords in it without talking otherwise you will have to pay the price for it.

Once a new blogger’s post is ranked on the 1st page, then he thinks that man I have this Hight Search V in it.

I add more keywords with olume which I did not add earlier. His intention is that his post will also rank on these keywords and he will get more traffic.

But they do not realize that when Google indexed your post for the first time, it gave a position to your post keeping all your keywords in mind. But now you have removed those keywords from those places or have edited them, then your post will definitely go down.

Similarly, many people keep changing the title of their post again and again, which is not good for SEO. It goes on changing 2-3 times but every month you change the title of the post, Google does not like it at all.

So edit your post only when you have some more new things related to that topic. Flirting with just the title and keywords can cost you a lot.

(7) Not updating blog regularly – Google likes one thing very much and that is regular updating of blog. Now some new bloggers take the wrong meaning of this thing. They feel that we have to publish one post every day.

It is true that if you are able to publish a post daily, then it will be very good. But along with that, definitely take care of the content quality. It is not that one post has to be posted in a day, so write an article of 500 words and put it. Regularly update your blog with good content.

Now the second important thing here is to try to understand the meaning of “Regular Update” correctly. See a blog on which there is a fix time and day to publish a post, Google likes it very much. Because this makes it easier for Google to index itself.

To index any of your new posts, Google has to send its crawlers to your website. Suppose you have been publishing posts every Monday morning at 9 am, but if you did not do this this time, then Crawlers will not be able to get any new content to index there.

It is obvious that the Crawlers will have to return empty handed and they will come back after 2 days. But suppose even then they did not get any new post, then Crawlers will return again. In this way your Trust Flow is reduced and this is also a bad SEO in itself which is harmful.

Regularity does not mean that you publish the posts vigorously for a few days, but after that do not post any post for 10-15 days. It is better that even if you publish only 3 posts in a week, publish them at the right time and right time, on which you have been doing it already.

So that Google is fully aware of your website that when and at what time the content is published on this blog. With this Google’s Crawlers will never return empty handed from your website. These are some common mistakes made by new bloggers which need to be rectified.

(8) Creating Backlinks – New bloggers do not know who tells them that they leave their real work and run after making Backlinks. Publish 10-15 posts on your new blog, not for backlinks, started running here and there.

First of all, give an important and latest information to the new bloggers that Google will now consider backlinks created by guest posts as spam. This announcement has been made by Google itself, it says that you should work to improve your content by not falling in the trap of backlinks.

If there is power in the content, then we will definitely rank it. Believe me, Google is doing this too, you also see the posts of many new websites very high in the search results, while the DA and PA of those blogs are also very less. This means that Google is no longer considering backlinks as a very important factor.

That’s why it is okay to have 1-2 Do Follow and 4-5 No Follow Backlinks, so that your website comes out of the sand box as soon as possible and indexing also starts properly. But if you fall behind to create Backlinks, then believe me, now Google will give Penality to your blog.

What happens after that, you yourself are wise. You will not have any post rank for 6 months or up to 1 year. So now it is not a matter of the past that only websites with backlinks will come up in search results. You create better content than the posts showing on the first page, see your post will definitely rank.

(9) Repeatedly deleting or republishing posts – This is also one of the Biggest Blogging Mistakes nowadays which new bloggers do. Publishing a post on your blog, then deleting it after it is indexed and deleting it from Google is not a good thing.

It is okay to do this 4-5 times in a year, but new bloggers do not know what they keep doing that they do this with many posts in 4-5 months. Due to which the trust of Google on your blog goes on decreasing very little. He feels that there is no standard of this blog man.

Apart from this, many people keep changing the information inside their special pages like (About Us, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy) pages after creating a new blog, which is a very wrong thing. Keep in mind that these are the identity of your blog, which Google looks after very carefully at the very beginning.

After that, when you frequently change the information about yourself or your website in these pages, then Google’s trust on you is less. Therefore, decide well in the beginning what information you have to give in these pages so that it does not have to be changed again and again.

(10) SSL, Duplicate Content and Brocken Links – These are some things that most of the new bloggers do not pay attention to and they have to bear the loss. First of all Activate SSL for your blog, you can use Cloudflare to use Free SSL.

After that note that your website and your post should not be open with both “http” and https”. Otherwise Google will consider it as Duplicate Content and your Rankings will be Down. That’s why you must redirect your website “http to https”.

To redirect, you have to enter a code in your “.htaccess” file which you can search on Youtube. Finally, it comes to Brocken Links which badly affect your SEO.

There are many online tools to check Brocken Links, with the help of which you can find them. From time to time, keep removing all the Brocken Links present on your website so that your rankings do not go down.

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