How to Write SEO Friendly Article

Friends, you must have heard that Content is the King means if you do any work online or do online marketing or you do blogging, then your content decides how many people will join your business, the more Engaging your content will be. If more people will connect with your content then it is very important to have good content.

If we talk about blogging or writing content on any kind of page on your website and ranking it, then it becomes even more important for the content to be SEO friendly, then friends, today we will see what SEO Friendly Article Writing is and SEO Friendly. Content Kaise Likhe (SEO Content Writing in Hindi). If you know Stepwise in Complete Content Writing in Hindi through this blog, then definitely read the blog till the end so that you can understand SEO friendly article kaise likhe very well.

What is Content Writing? What is Content Writing in Hindi
SEO friendly article kaise likhe
Before understanding SEO Friendly Content Writing, it is very important that if you know what Content Writing is, then first of all try to understand Content writing meaning in Hindi.

Content writing is a process by which any type of content is written, the purpose of writing the content can be different. It is not necessary that only writing articles for blogging is content writing. Planning to write any kind of content, collecting topics for content, writing content and editing content all these things come in Content Writing Process.

So preparing and writing any kind of content like Blog Post, Articles, Scripts or any other type of content is called Content Writing.

What is SEO Friendly Article Writing? What is SEO Friendly Article Writing in Hindi
SEO Friendly Article Writing is a process in which we write our content according to the factors of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that our content is SEO Friendly and able to rank in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Now what is this SEO, let me tell you in short. SEO is a process by which we increase the ranking of our website in search result and get our website ranked.

There are many factors of SEO which we have to follow to increase the ranking of any website, in these SEO Factors there are some such factors, by following which we have to optimize our article.

Like how the article should be, what should be used in the article, how to write the keywords in the article, how the headings should be and many more. By following these SEO Factors, we have to write the article and optimize the article which is called SEO Friendly Article.

If you want to know about SEO in detail then read this: What is SEO and how to do it

There are many SEO Factors to make the article SEO Friendly, so let’s learn SEO Content Writing in Hindi and know SEO friendly article kaise likhe and rank. But before this, let us know briefly that why it is important for the content to be SEO friendly to rank in the search engine or why only SEO friendly content ranks in Google.

Why SEO Friendly Article Ranks in Google?
Search Engine is a software that understands our content through keywords, which means that we will optimize the targeted keywords in our entire content, the keyword on which we want to rank our website, the more we will optimize the search engine. It will be easy to understand about our content.

Actually, all the factors of content optimization in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), most of the important factors show these things that you have to optimize your content with your keywords. Like where to use keywords, how many times to do it, which keywords to use, all these things.

So whatever we publish on the content website, Google reads the entire content very well, but the most important factor for search engines to know about our content is that there are many types of keywords used in our content. . Which we will see now which keywords should be used.

So if we talk in short, then it is important for us to make our content SEO Friendly because Google can easily understand SEO Friendly Content and according to the quality of that content and according to many SEO Factors, our web pages are ranked. . And that is why it is very important for the article to be SEO friendly for better ranking in the Search Engine Result Page.

How to Write Content for Website in Hindi?
As we have discussed so far that SEO Friendly Content should be written for the website and also seen these things why SEO Friendly Content ranks.

So if we are talking about writing content for any website, then you must have understood that it is very important for the content to be SEO friendly, only then our website will be able to rank.

To write SEO Friendly Content, we should know what are the factors of SEO. Which we should keep in mind while writing content and what are the SEO Factors with the help of which we do Content Optimization of our website.

Makes ent SEO friendly. So let’s see about those SEO Factors.

SEO Friendly Article Kaise Likhe Factors in Hindi:

Unique Content
Title Tag Optimization
Heading Tag Optimization
Keywords placement
Keyword Density
Keywords in First 100 Words
Use LSI Keywords, Phrase Keywords and Long Tail Keywords
Bullet Points
Use Bold and Italic for Important Words
Unique and Relevant Images
So these are all the important SEO Friendly Content Writing Factors List, by following which we can easily write SEO Friendly Content for our website. Let us understand all these factors in detail and learn that SEO friendly content kaise bnaye with the help of these factors.

SEO Friendly Article Kaise Likhe?
To write SEO Friendly Article, first of all you must do Keyword Research well and you should decide your Keyword by targeting which you can write your article.

If you want to learn Keyword Research from Basic at all, then read: How to do Keyword Research

After doing Keyword Research, when you have decided your Target Keyword, now keeping the same Keyword in mind, you have to write your article and optimize the article from your Keyword through the SEO Factors given below so that your Article can become SEO Friendly. .

1. Write Unique Content

To write SEO friendly article, it is very important that your article is unique. The article should be unique and informative which is worth giving value to the user. Many times it happens that people copy content from somewhere and rewrite it with Rewriter Tool, which is not at all according to Ranking Factor.

You have to write your content absolutely unique and informative so that people can get valuable information.

2. Optimize Title Tag

Optimizing the title tag in any blog is very important because it is the first thing that the user sees and enters in your website, then keep the title a bit attractive and use your Target Keyword or Phrase Keyword in it.

To know how many types of keywords are there, read: What is Keyword and how many types are there

3. Optimize Heading Tag

Headings are up to (H1-H6). Use it well like use H1 only once, after that I use H2 for Headings and (H3-H6) for Sub Headings. In this way, make proper use of Headings and use Keywords in some of your Headings.

4. Do Keywords Placement in Content Well

In the article, try to use Keywords related to your Target Keywords and many other types of Keywords in the entire article as needed, such as if you have Target Keyword (SEO Content Writing in Hindi). So try to use these keywords and related keywords like (SEO Friendly Article Kaise Likhe or SEO Content Writing in Hindi).

Use the Phrase Keyword associated with this type of Target Keyword in the article, this will help the Search Engine to understand your article. Write an article keeping your keyword in mind.

5. Pay attention to Keyword Density

Keyword Density means how many times you use Keyword in your article. Keyword Density for SEO Friendly Article should not be more than 3% that means 3% of the number of words your article is of like if your article is of 100 Words then you should have 3% of 100 which means more than 3 keywords Do not use. Keep Keyword Density less than 3% in your article.

6. Use Target Keyword in First 100 Words

Use your target keywords in the first 100 words of your article.

7. Use LSI Keywords, Phrase Keywords and Long Tail Keywords

There are many types of keywords such as Short Tail Keyword, Long Tail Keywords, Phrase Keywords, LSI Keywords and when you use all these keywords while writing an article, then your same content is understood by Search Engine through many Keywords. One of your blogs will start ranking on many keywords.

For this, by doing Keyword Research, make a list of keywords that you have to use in your article and while writing the article, keep in mind where those keywords will fit and use them.

8. Use Bullet Points

Use Bullet Points to make a list or if there is a number then use Number Bullet Points. With this, the Search Engine can easily know that you are trying to tell through a list and all these things make the content Attractive as well as SEO Friendly.

9. Highlight Important Words with Bold and Italics

Whatever are the important points or important words, highlight them with bold or italic so that the user gets more focus on the important words and at the same time the search engine can also understand that the thing you have highlighted is important.

10. Use Unique and Relevant Images

Images are also part of our content, so for a good content and SEO friendly content, it is very important that you use unique content, do not use images by copying or downloading from anywhere because copyright claim can be made on it.

So use the original image and the image should be relevant to the article and whenever you use the image in your website, you must also put Alt Tag because Search Engine knows about your images from Alt Tag.

SEO Free

ndly Article Kaise Likhe Tutorial Summary
So friends, first of all, you have to do Keyword Research and determine your Target Keyword and do Keyword Research and make a list in which you will have LSI Keywords, Phrase Keywords, which you can use while writing the article.

If it is not being used anywhere, that means do not use when it is not necessary, but if it is fitting according to the article, then those keywords have to be used in the article. And keeping all these keywords in mind, you have to write your content. After writing the content, according to the many SEO factors mentioned, you have to optimize your article and make the article SEO friendly.

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