What is Off Page SEO and How to Use Step By Step Guide

What is Off Page SEO in Hindi – Whenever it comes to ranking the website in Search Engine, then the thought of Off Page SEO definitely comes in our mind. And this is also because despite having many ranking factors of search engines, backlinks is a very important and important ranking factor among them.

If you do not know what backlinks are, then let me tell you that backlinks are a way between 2 websites, through which one can easily go from one website to another by clicking.

Actually having a link (URL) of one website to another website is called backlinks, but the work of backlinks is not just that, backlinks have a very important role in off page SEO.

If a website gets Do Follow Backlinks, then the website giving Backlinks recommends our website from the point of view of Search Engine and Link Juice is passed on our website from that website, which also increases the authority of our website.

In this way, the work of backlinks is not only of ranking but there are many other things like building authority.

Do read the post till the end because I have discussed all the important factors of Off Page SEO till the end, that too in detail.

To rank any website on the Search Engine Result Page, it is very important for us to have a good knowledge of both On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Today I will try to tell you in Off Page Tutorial in Hindi and hope that you will understand today’s Off Page in Hindi topic very well.

You must be thinking that I am talking less on Off Page SEO but I am being told only about Backlinks, but actually creating Backlinks is a part of Off Page Optimization SEO. By the way, if you keep telling without headings like this, then you will also keep reading like this and some people may not even understand.

So let me tell you stepwise from the very basic what is Off Page SEO (What is Off Page SEO in Hindi) and how to do Off Page SEO.

What is Off Page SEO? What is Off Page SEO in Hindi
what is off page seo in hindi
Off Page SEO is a Technique by which the Ranking of the Website is brought and Improved through Backlinks in the Search Engine Result Page.

Off-Page SEO It is also called Off-Site SEO, all those techniques which are performed outside their site means on any other site and they increase the ranking of our website in Search Engine Result Page, it is called Off-Page SEO.

Backlinks have the most important role in Off Page SEO. You can say that Backlinks – Off Page is the heart of SEO. Off Page SEO is negligible without Backlinks. Link building is important for ranking any website in Off Page SEO. The more High Quality Backlinks your site gets, the more it will help in ranking.

High Quality Backlinks means getting Backlinks from good website and getting Backlinks from Niche Relevant Website is the most High Quality Backlinks. It is very important to have Quality Backlinks that Backlinks should be Do Follow and Backlinks should be available from Niche Relevant website. And the more Quality Backlinks you have, the more your Off Page SEO will be strong.

Backlinks are definitely the most important part of off page SEO, but there are other factors in it which have a very important role in ranking. You must have understood Off Page Meaning in Hindi, now apart from backlinks, you will also see which are the important Factors of Off Page Optimization SEO.

How Backlinks Work in Off Page SEO?
Off Page SEO is also called Off Site SEO because in this process we do not have to work on our site. In this process, the links received from sites other than your site have a role.

Search Engine sees Do-Follow backlinks as a kind of recommendation. For example, if you get Do Follow backlinks from a website, then the search engine thinks that the site giving backlinks is recommending our site.

Then from one website to another means if we are getting backlink from any website, then a link juice is passed from that website to our website, which increases the authority of our website and the ranking of the website also increases.

The more quality backlinks there are, the more your website will rank and the authority of the website will also increase.

Apart from backlinks, we also get a lot of traffic with the help of Off Page SEO.

Main Role of Off Page SEO | Role of Off page SEO In Hindi

Off Page SEO has many main roles which affects the ranking of the website and increases in the Search Engine Result Page. So let’s know Off Page SEO Work in Hindi.

1. Role of Off Page SEO in Ranking:

We have so far seen in detail that how Link Juice is passed through Backlinks in Off Page SEO and how to get Quality Backlinks from which the ranking of the website increases in the Search Engine Result Page.

2. Traffic: Traffic is seen in 2 parts in Off Page SEO.

a) Traffic through Backlinks: As you must have understood or already know that Backlinks are a clickable which can be clicked to give Backlinks.

Visitors can come to the site getting the backlink from the site. So many users come from one website to another by clicking on the backlink.

As website A gave backlink to website B, it means that website A has a link to any web pages of website B and whenever someone clicks on it, it will come to website B, so in this way traffic from one website to another. The website grows easily through backlink only.

b) Traffic from Social Share: Sharing on Social Media also comes in Off Page SEO only. Whenever we write a post and share it on our website, we can also share the same post on social media, due to which a lot of traffic comes to our website through social media.

You also know that in today’s time social media has the highest user base and when you share any post, it is visible to all your user base, then through social media also bring a lot of traffic to your website. can. And many bloggers bring traffic to their website from a lot of social media.

3. Fast Indexing:

The indexing of our website becomes fast through Off Page SEO because due to the link building in it, the link of our website is on many different websites, whenever the crawler on that website reads the content of any other website and clicks on it. If we have a link to our website, then the crawler has to come to our website again and again, which increases the indexing speed of our website and it is a very valuable part of SEO ranking factor.

In such a situation, if you have written a new post and shared it on different social media, then when the crawler crawls the pages of that social media, then on getting the URL of your website, your new post will be crawled and indexed as soon as possible.

How to do Off Page SEO | Off Page SEO Activities
There are many ways to do Off Page SEO, which is also called Off Page Activities and this is also called the way to create Backlinks. So let’s see what are the ways to create Backlinks in Off Page SEO.

off page seo factor in hindi

1. Directory Submission

2. Profile Creation

3. Forum Submission

4. Blog Submission

5. Article Submission

6. Web2.0

7. Search Engine Submission

8. PR Submission

9. Guest Posting

10. Documents Submission

11. Image Submission

In this way, there are many other ways by which you can easily do Off Page SEO by creating High Quality Backlinks.

By the way, there are more submissions like Audio Submission and Video Submission and many more, but above which I have told 11 ways, these are the ways to create very used High Quality Backlinks, which you can make Off Page SEO Strong. And you can increase the ranking as much as possible in the Search Engine Result Page and you can also increase the Organic Traffic of your website to a great extent.

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