How to rank your blog post on the first page of Google

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If you are a new blogger then you must be thinking that how to rank any of your blog post on the first page of Google? Because to increase Organic Traffic on your website, it is very important to bring more and more posts to the first (1st) page in Google Search Results.

So nothing to worry, we are going to tell you such a way, after which you yourself will get an idea of ​​how to bring most of your blog posts to the first page of Google or how to get your post to the top position in Google. Everyone knows that a blog without traffic is of no use.

If you have traffic on your blog, then only you can earn a lot from it. Whether it is through Adsense, through Affiliate Marketing or in any other way. Because to earn in any way you need traffic and for traffic you have to rank your blog on top.

New bloggers start their work (Blogging), but the biggest problem in front of them is from where to bring traffic. Because in the beginning they do not have any idea how to get their blog post ranked on the first page of Google.

Those people just keep writing post on post and wait for the traffic to increase everyday. But this cannot happen. Because now the old blogging is no longer when you write anything, it used to get ranked easily. Now the times have changed and there is so much competition for every keyword that don’t even ask.

Due to this competition, only one thing is going on in the minds of the sleeping bloggers that what should be done to bring their posts to the top in Search Engines? But they say that if something had happened not only by thinking, then almost every blogger would be successful today.

It is true that getting one of your posts to the top position in Google has become a very difficult task. Especially if the keyword is of high search volume, then only bloggers can understand the papads that have to be made to get it ranked.

Well whether the work is difficult or easy, if you want to do it, you have to do it. Here we will give you some such tips to get your posts ranked, after which you will never have to think about how to bring Blog Post to the first page in Google Search Result.

Since the competition is very high now, Google also checks a lot of things in your post and your blog. If your Post satisfies his criteria he does Rank in the course Top. Because Google never takes bribe from anyone.

Which will be perfect in every way, Google definitely honors it by bringing it to the top position. So first of all, take this thing out of your mind that there is a secret to getting the posts ranked. Nothing like this happens, you just have to make your post better than those posts which are already on the 1st page of Google.

How to bring Blog Post to the first page of Google in less time

For this you have to do a lot of things and it is hard work. But once you learn, then understand that you will not have any problem going forward and most of your posts will be found on 1st or 2nd page of Google.

Blogging is a practice, the more practice and experiments one does, the more and more he learns quickly. So let’s start the tips to bring the posts to the top in Google and know what we have to do in our post for this?

How to rank posts on the first page of Google as quickly as possible
(1) Do Check Keyword Difficulty – If you want to bring more and more of your posts on the first page, then our first opinion is that before writing a post on any keyword, definitely check its difficulty.

Because in the beginning, your blog is new and secondly, if the keyword is also big i.e. with high difficulty, then it will be very difficult to bring it to the first page. Therefore, initially for 7-8 months, publish such posts on your blog whose keywords can be easily ranked.

In this way your blog will remain new even then you will start getting some traffic. If you target big keywords from the beginning, then it will be very difficult to get organic traffic for the first 1 year. Therefore, on whichever topic you write the post, definitely check its Keyword Difficulty.

If the difficulty of any keyword is more than 15, then do not write post on that keyword now. If you follow this advice and work properly, then in 1 year you will start getting very good organic traffic. There are many free and paid tools available to check Keyword Difficulty like Ubersuggest etc.

(2) A lot depends on the title – it has happened many times with us that a post was not getting ranked for months. If we looked carefully, it seemed that we have made the title of this post very strange in the process of making it attractive. As soon as we changed her title and updated the post, she came straight from the 6th page to the 2nd.

This means to say that even Google hates awkward titles. He likes titles that clearly understand what has been told in this post. Many people do not know what to add to the title in order to make it Catchy. So that people open the same post as soon as they see the title.

As soon as the post opens in a few seconds, the visitor comes to know that hey, what is this? Here in the title, something else has been told and there is some other matter inside. After that immediately he takes exit from your blog and your Bounce Rate increases. that Po

The chances of getting a st rank are almost over.

Just like recently we saw a post whose title was “How to rank your blog post on the first page of Google in just 10 minutes”. When we opened it very eagerly, it was told inside that how you can manually index the post using Google Search Console.

So never do this. Make the title attractive but keep the topic clear. Your Main Keyword must be in your title. Cheating with visitors is like cheating Google itself. Do not write the title by twisting it too much, just try to make it Catchy by adding Special Words and Numbers.

(3) Create Effective Content – ​​Do you know that every day thousands of posts are published in any language only on the same keyword in India. In which there are posts of all categories of potato – wasteful, fine, good and tremendous.

So Google has to struggle a lot to select Posts for Search Results. The first thing that Google looks at while selecting those posts is your content. Everything else comes later.

Even if the blog is brand new and you have not even created backlinks. But if your content is very strong and a little different from others, then Google definitely brings it up. Think for yourself and see if your content is not better than the ranked websites on the first page, then why will Google bring it up?

He will not bring it at all, that is why it is said that being successful in blogging or not depends the most on your content and regularity. If you are wondering how to bring more and more of your blog posts to the first page or top position in Google, then adopt this formula.

Before writing each of your posts, do a little content research and see which websites are ranked on the first page on that keyword and how and what they have written. All you have to do is publish from those websites by preparing a better post.

Then you will be entitled to come in Top Ranking. It means to say that write your every post with passion in such a way that you have to bring every post on the first page itself. After that 15-20% of your posts will be able to come on the 1st page in Google Search Results.

Write your content in complete detail and in easy language so that the visitor is completely satisfied. Never deviate from the topic, do not write things here and there in the affair of lengthening the post. Yes, you should explain all the aspects related to the post well.

(4) It is necessary to do SEO of the post properly – After writing a strong post, it is time to check its SEO. If along with Quality Content, Perfect SEO is also tempered, then Google gets lost in its taste and then no one can stop it from coming in the top.

Use the Main Keyword in your Title as quickly as possible, keep the permalink short and related to the Keyword, use the Main Keyword and other Keywords in the first paragraph, use the Keywords in the Headings and use the Keywords in the Last Paragraph. Part of SEO Huh.

We have told in very detail how to do SEO in our post, how you have to do SEO. If you have not read this post, then definitely read this too. So that you can do SEO of your post properly and the chances of coming to the first page of your post are doubled.

How to rank Blog Post on the first page of Google

Apart from this, it is very important for your blog to be mobile friendly nowadays. Everyone knows that bloggers get more than 80% of traffic from mobile search only. If your blog will not be Mobile Friendly then your posts will not get the ranking in Mobile Search which is getting from Desktop.

(5) Must do Social Sharing – Many new bloggers think that Google does not make any sense with Social Sharing nor does it have any effect on Rankings. This is completely wrong. The truth is that Google also considers Social Signals as an important factor.

As soon as the post is published (before being indexed in Google), the more people read it, the more chances are there of getting a good ranking. In fact, Google keeps an eye on this thing, what was the reaction of people on that post on social platforms? Did they like it or not?

You must have seen that many posts become viral as soon as they are shared, that is, they are read by a lot of people, then as soon as they are indexed in Google, they are either directly on the first page or on the second. After that, with time, it slowly goes on coming up and down.

So if you want to get your blog post ranked on the first page of Google, then start understanding the importance of social sharing from today itself. As soon as you publish your every post, do share it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest etc.

(6) Make some good backlinks for the post – If you have published the post on a good keyword, then definitely make some quality backlinks to get it ranked quickly. This will increase the chances of coming to the top of that post.

However, this does not mean that you should fall behind just making backlinks. Just take No Follow Backlink for that post from 2 or 3 good websites, if possible make a half Do Follow Backlink too.

Then see your post will be seen flashing on the first page in no time. Even though Google has now reduced the importance of backlinks. But the truth is that still Backlink

The power of inks cannot be completely ignored.

Such posts get a good rank quickly, behind which there is the power of some quality backlinks. Similarly, make some good backlinks for your blog as well. This will increase your authority and increase the chances of coming to the top of the posts.

(7) Add a good vedio related to the content – ​​If you add a vedio to any of your posts in which it has been told about the same thing, then the value of your post increases even more. With this, the Visitor gets his solution very well.

But keep in mind that the vedio should be on the exact same topic on which you have written the post. This will mean that visitors will spend more time on your post and it will be indicated to Google that this is a complete and quality post. After which the chances of getting her ranking become very high.

(8) Interlinks And Outbound Links – New bloggers keep thinking that how to bring their blog post to the first page of Google but do not pay attention to the structure of the post. Due to which the post is not ranked properly. By the way, adding Interlinking and Outbound Link is only part of SEO.

But it is important so we thought it should be mentioned separately. Any post can be called quality post only when some good internal and external (outbound) links are added to it.

When we add some links related to our own and the same topic in our post, then it is called Interlinking. Similarly, if you add a link to any other good website related to the same topic, then it is called Outbound Link.

By doing this the value of your post increases and it becomes a complete post which has more chances of getting good ranking. So keep in mind that in every post you must add 4-5 Internal Links and at least 1 Outbound Link.

(9) Pay attention to Page Loading Time – Many times it happens that our post is strong but it is not ranked right. We keep worrying about how to rank this blog post on the first page of Google. We remove all her shortcomings, yet she does not rank.

One of the biggest reasons for this can be excessive page loading time. Often new bloggers do not pay attention to this thing at all. Many times we use heavy heavy images in posts or due to any other reason the page size of the post is more due to which its loading time becomes more.

This is the reason why Google is not able to rank it even if it wants to because it has to show the same posts on the first page which are perfect in every way for the visitors. Therefore, to get your posts ranked, you have to keep the loading time of the posts low.

For this, you use good hosting, use Cache Plugins and compress every image and insert it in your posts. This will increase your website speed and your rankings will also improve quickly.

(10) Fix Search Console Errors – “I am writing such good good posts, yet why my posts are not ranked well in Google” This question is mostly of new bloggers. But they forget that blogging has completely changed now.

If you want to get the website ranked, then only quality content will not work, but you will have to fix every technical error. In which Brocken Links, Violations, Core Web Vitals Errors or other Coverage Issues keep coming.

You have to keep an eye on these issues and keep fixing them. Only then will you be able to compete with other websites and get good rankings. It is very important to fully understand and use Google Search Console.

So these were the tips to bring your blog posts to the top in Google Search Engine in the shortest possible time. If you follow all these rules in each of your posts, meaning you do all these things, then believe that more and more of your posts will come on the first page. Although it does take time.

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