How to Promote Blog Post to Increase Traffic

How to Promote Post After Published
When we share a blog post on our blog, then it is promoted in 2 ways.

(1) Free Promotion
(2) Paid Promotion

Let me tell you both ways how to do free and paid promotion of posts to bring traffic to the blog.

How to Promote Blog Post for Free
Social sites are the best option to promote blog posts for free. You share your blog post on every popular social network like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest.

Facebook is very popular social networking sites. On this you create a page and group named your blog. And share your every post.

Also you can join other groups and share your blog post. In this way you can easily increase your blog traffic through Facebook.

Twitter is also a great place to promote your posts for free. On this also you create your account, and share your post.

Just like that you create or join groups, pages, community on other social sites. And share your every post.

Also, you can share the image of your post on photo sharing sites like Instagram, Pinterest.

How to Promote Blog on Social Media
Join Indiblogger
Indiblogger is a great place to promote blog posts for free. Because Indiblogger is a community sites of Indian bloggers. And on this you can submit your every post for free.

As many people use this site, if you have 20+ posts on your blog, then you can create an account on it.

By sharing your post on Indiblogger, you will get quality backlinks along with referral traffic.

Quora is a popular questions & answers site, you can ask any kind of questions on it. Or you can answer.

You should ask questions on this, and answer the related questions of your blog, and also promote the link of the blog post where it is needed. It will start getting more visitors to your blog through that link.

How to do Blog Promotion on Quora to increase Traffic
Do Email Marketing
Email marketing is also a great way to increase blog traffic.

You must have used the email subscribe widget on your blog. Which will increase the subscribers of your blog. And they get automatic notification of your every post

If you have some email id, then you can also increase the visitors of your blog by sharing your blog post through email to them.

Create YouTube Channel
YouTube is also a great place to promote your blog content. On this you can promote your blog post for free by making a video.

You create your own YouTube channel, and then share your site’s post by making a video. And in the description you add the link of your blog post.

You will get lots of referral traffic from YouTube.

So this was the way to promote some blog posts for free. But if you want to do paid promotion of your post, then you can do it on these social sites.

For example, you can do paid promotion of your post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Do Paid Promotion
You will have to pay some money on Paid promotion. Then you can set your post where, to whom, and at what age people have to show your post, all of them.

You can invest only starting 500Rs for your ads, or you can also show ads on Facebook in 200-300rs. So in starting you invest less money.

And then when you get good results then you can invest a little more.

And when you do paid promotion on social site, then you should keep in mind that your audience is there, and to whom do you want to show your post?

So this was the way to promote the post after publishing it.

Final Words
Whether you promote your blog post for free or paid. But if your blog post is not helpful or useful in this then visitors will not come to your blog.

So first of all write high quality content and then promote your post. Only then the traffic of your blog will increase.

I hope how to promote the post after publishing to increase traffic, did you like this information? But if you have any question in your mind then tell me on the comment box below.

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