How to Make WordPress Website – No Need of Coding

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In this post we will tell you how to create your own WordPress Blog Kaise Banaye. There are many people who want to do blogging. But do not know how to make them a website. Because of this, they think about getting their website or blog made by other bloggers, but they demand a lot of money from them for this.

One, the budget is less in the beginning, it is not a matter of everyone to pay money to build a website from above. But now you don’t need to worry at all. In this post, we will give you step by step complete information on how to create a WordPress blog or website, so that you do not have to pay thousands of rupees to anyone.

When someone initially decides to do blogging, he does not have any knowledge about Websites/Blogs. He feels that he does not know how the website will be made. Now your blog Kaise Banaye? Meaning everything is very difficult for him. Although it is not that difficult.

If once this process is seen carefully, then you will easily understand how to create a website or blog. Creating your website on WordPress is a very easy task. Let us first tell you about WordPress, what is WordPress and what is it used for.

What is WordPress – Benefits of building a website on WordPress
WordPress is such a software in which we do not need to have any kind of coding knowledge to create a website. Even if you do not know how to do coding, you can create a great website in just a few minutes. WordPress is a CMS i.e. Content Management System.

Nowadays, whoever makes his website for blogging, it is either on Blogger or on WordPress. Blogger is a free platform which is a product of Google itself. You must have seen many such websites whose name is with it. This means she remains on Blogger.

Creating a blog on Blogger is absolutely free, you do not cost a single penny. Whereas you have to spend money to make a WordPress website. So now you will think that when a blog is being made for free, then why should you invest money? Let us first tell you the reason for this, later we will tell you that Blog Kaise Banaye.

See, if you have to learn blogging first, that is, to practice, then it is okay to create a free website on Blogger. But if you want to become a professional blogger, you want to do blogging seriously then you should make your blog on WordPress only.

Blogger is a free platform where we do not have so many options. It is also a bit difficult to work on Blogger and understand things. In comparison, your work becomes much easier when you create a WordPress website and you also have a lot of options for everything.

Secondly, you do not have full rights on Blogger. If By Chance you make a mistake or you are not able to follow any rule of Google, then Google can delete your entire blog without any information. In such a situation, your years of hard work can also be spoiled.

WordPress Blog Banane Ki Poori Jankari

On the other hand, you have complete control in WordPress. You can take a back up of your blog from time to time, so that if there is any mistake, you can bring everything back in a few minutes. Apart from this, there are many such benefits of creating a WordPress blog like –

The way to create a WordPress blog or website is very easy. You can install WordPress in just 1 minute from your Hosting Control Panel.

You get a lot of Stylish Themes. Apart from free, you can buy and install the theme of your choice.

– If your website is on WordPress then you can design it very well.

  • Plugins are available here for all kinds of problems, which you can use. You do not need to do any coding etc.

It is very difficult to write SEO Friendly post on Blogger. But with the help of plugins on WordPress, you can do very good SEO.

There is no customer support available on Blogger, but after creating a blog on WordPress, the hosting company has full support.

– On Blogger we are not able to edit Comments, whereas we can easily do it on WordPress.

Apart from this, there are many other benefits of creating a blog on So you must have understood that WordPress helps us a lot to move forward as soon as possible and earn money. Because in this we get many such features from which we can improve our ranking as soon as possible.

So let us now know how we can make a great website on WordPress in no time. What do we need and what do we need to do for this. Step by Step Complete Guide to Creating WordPress Blog is available.

How to make a website – Complete information about creating a website
As we have told you above that you have to spend some money to create a WordPress website. Now you will understand this thing that where you will have to invest money. First, know here what you need to create a blog on WordPress.Org.

(1) A G Mail Account

(2) Domain Name

(3) Hosting

Now some people here may not even know about Domain and Hosting. So let’s first know what is Hosting and Domain? Only after understanding them will tell you how to create a website / blog.

Domain – When you open any website, you write its name in your browser, that is, you open it with its name. like our website

We do not get the domain for free, we have to buy it. There are many websites from which you can buy the domain name of your choice cheaply. Like from Namecheap, Godaddy and Bigrock. You will easily get the domain for 200 to 700 rupees. The price will depend on which extension you are taking.

Hosting – The second thing we have to buy to create a WordPress blog is hosting. Hosting means renting some space on the Internet, so that you can store all the files of your websites like Posts and Pictures etc. in it.

There are many cheap hosting companies in India which are providing very good hosting. In the beginning, you should not buy more expensive hosting, because initially there is no traffic on your blog. So after 1 year you can easily change your hosting.

All hosting companies provide Starter Plan for those who start blogging. It is good for you in the beginning and you can get between 1000 to 1500 rupees. There are companies like Hostkarle, Hostchilly, Prohosty and Hostgator in India, which are providing very cheap hosting.

G Mail – Almost everyone knows about G Mail. This is an E-mail address created by us on Google, which you need to buy domain and hosting in the beginning. So let us now tell you step by step that your website or blog Kaise Banaye.

Step 1 – Create G Mail – First of all you have to create your G Mail Account. For this you first go to, and click on “Create an Account”. Now in the page that will open, you have to enter your First Name, Last Name, User Name and Password and click on “Next”.

G Mail Account Kaise Banaye

After this Google will ask you Phone No. Will ask for verification, then you will have to give your phone no. have to put. After this, a message will come on your phone as soon as you OK. Verify your number after reading it well. So now your G Mail is ready. Now let’s move towards the second step.

Step 2 – Buy Domain – To buy whatever domain name you have thought of, first go to Although you can buy from other websites too, but according to me Godaddy is the best. To buy a domain, first you have to create your account on Godaddy.

So as soon as you click on the option with “Sign Up”, you will see the option of “Create My Account”. You click on it, now you have to click on “Create Account” by entering your E-mail Address, User Name and Password. In this way your account will be created on Go Daddy.

Now you check by entering your domain in the box with Find Your Domain on Godaddy, how much is it, and is it available or not? If it is available then it is very good, you can “Add To Cart” it. After that you can go to your cart and purchase it by filling your information there.

Step 3 – Buy Hosting – Buying hosting from any company is also very easy. Here we give you the example of and tell you how to buy hosting. First of all you have to open On the right side of the homepage of this website, more menu will appear above.

As soon as you click on it, you will see the option of Sign Up. Just click on it and fill your information and create an account on it. Now when you login to it, many hosting plans will appear. You can easily buy hosting by clicking on whichever plan you like.

You can also use Customer Support, you are fully helped. As soon as the process of buying your hosting is completed, complete information about your Hosting Control Panel will come on your G Mail. Everything like Nameservers, User name and Password etc. That is, you have got hosting.

In the E-mail of Hosting Information that comes to you, you are given a Link, User Name and Password to login to your Control Panel. If you want, you can also note them in a notebook.

All the things you needed to make a WordPress website have come to you. Domain is also there and hosting is also there. So now let’s move on to the real issue and know how to create a WordPress website.

How To Make WordPress Website – Blog Kaise Banaye
By following just 3 easy steps, you can easily create a beautiful website for yourself. Those 3 steps are as follows.

(1) Connecting your domain name with your hosting means connecting.

(2) Installing WordPress by going to the Hosting Control Panel.

(3) Choosing a good theme for the blog and doing a good design.

These are just 3 steps that you have to do now, you do not need to ask anyone that the website Kaise Banaye. Because if you read the post with a little attention now, then you yourself will understand all this very well and will find it very easy. So let’s complete Step 1.

Connecting Domain to Hosting – This is our first step and it is also very easy. For this, first you have to login to the website from where you bought the domain. We gave you the example of Godaddy, so you login to your Godaddy account.

Your Godaddy Account will be opened as soon as you login as Registered User by clicking on Sign In.

Will take Where you will see the option of DNS on the very front of your domain name, you have to click on it. Now the page that will open, you are able to see it in this screenshot.

Website Kaise Banaye

The “Nameservers” you are seeing here are just here you have to enter your hosting nameservers. After buying hosting, you will get your nameservers in the mail that came to you with the information of Control Panel. Apart from this, you can also ask by contacting the hosting people.

Now you have to change the nameservers here. For this, click on the option of “Change” you are seeing. Now the next page will open and you have to enter your nameservers and click on “Save”. Just understand that you have passed the first stage and you have almost understood how to create a WordPress blog.

– Installing WordPress – Now the next thing you have to do is to install WordPress in your hosting. So first login to your Hosting Control Panel. When the control panel opens, you see many options there like File Manager, Back Up etc.

How To Make Website

So you have to come down below, there you will see the segment of “Softaculous Apps Installer” which has many options. In these options, you will see the first option of “WordPress” as you are able to see in the screenshot above. Now you have to click on this.

Now in the page that will open in front of you, you will see the option of “WordPress Install”, click on it. Now in the page that will open, you have to fill information about your website. As you can see in the screenshot below.

WordPress Install Kaise Kare

Here a little step by step explains how to install WordPress. Only then you will be able to understand that Blog Kaise Banaye, because there is a possibility of making some mistake here. So fill everything carefully. See how and what you have to fill here.

(1) First of all, if you see “http” in front of “Choose Protocol”, replace it with “https”.

(2) In front of Choose Domain, you have to enter your domain name.

(3) Leave the In Directory space blank. If “wp” is written there, remove it.

(4) In front of Site Name, you write any good name of your site. Like our site name is “Techgru”

(5) In Site Description, you write what your website is related to. For example, if Health has a website, then write “Health and Fitness Tips”.

(6) Enable Multisite – Do not tease, do not check it.

(7) Now it is the turn to enter the Admin Username and Password. Whatever User Name and Password you enter here, note it in the copy.

(8) After this you have to enter your E-mail address in Admin E-mail.

(9) Leave “English” in the selected language and there is no need to tease any option further.

(10) Now finally, click on the blue “Install” button you see at the bottom.

Congratulations, your website is now ready, you can open your website and see it. So this was a very easy way to create a WordPress blog. After clicking on Install, in the page that opens, you will see a link to login to your WordPress Dashboard.

e.g. Now you have to click on this. By clicking on this, the login page of your WordPress Dashboard will open, in which you have to enter the same username and password that you had entered while installing WordPress and noted in the copy.

Doing so will open your WordPress Dashboard. Now from here we have to move towards our last step. That is, choosing the favorite theme for the blog and applying it a little bit.

  • Setting a good Theme on Blog – It is very easy to put any theme on Blog. For this, you will be seeing many options in your Dashboard on the left side. As soon as you move your Cursor to the option with “Appearance”, the first option in the pop up that will open is of “Theme”.

You click on it, now you will see 4-5 Themes already installed in the page that will open. If you like any of them, just click on it and “Activate” it. If you do not like any of them, then there you will see the option of “Add New”. Click on it.

Now many free themes of WordPress will come in front of you. Whatever you like, just click on “Activate” and that’s it. After applying the theme in this way, again move the Cursor to the “Appearance” option and click on “Customize”.

From here you can design your website as you want. When you check by clicking on every option, then everything will be understood. It has all kinds of options like applying logo, changing font style and color, adding widgets and many more.

So this was the Complete Guide to Creating a WordPress Blog or Website, in which you have been given complete step by step information about how to create a website.

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