How to Increase Your Website Speed

If you are a blogger then now it is very important for you to know how to increase the loading speed of your WordPress website. Otherwise it is very difficult for you to be successful in this round of competition. That is why we have brought for you a great article How To Increase Blog/Website Loading Speed.

Any new bloggers who want to know how to increase or improve the loading speed of their blog, read the whole post carefully. Because if you want to be successful in blogging then it is very important for you to know the tricks to increase the speed of your website.

This was only a few years ago, 4-5 years ago, when Google did not consider the issue of Website Speed ​​in its Ranking Factors as important. This was the reason that at that time many such websites were also ranked very well which used to take a lot of time to load.

Because at that time Google lacked content. So if a blog with low loading speed published any high quality content, then Google had no other option but to rank it. Because at that time there were few such websites on which quality articles were published.

That’s why Google did not have much option left and it used to ignore the speed of the website and rank it after seeing the content quality. At that time hardly any blogger was worried about how to increase the loading speed of his website or how to improve it.

But now in the last 5 years, the number of Blogs on the Internet has increased so much that you cannot guess. Google itself has admitted that it has a tremendous increase in content in the last few years.

Now the situation is such that hundreds of blogs are engaged in the line for 1-1 position to rank each keyword in Google. Because of this, Google is also now having a lot of trouble about which blog’s post to rank on the 1st page?

Because now Google has no shortage of quality content. Then out of so many websites, which 5-6 did he show on the top? For this reason, now Google has made Website Loading Speed ​​an important ranking factor, which makes it easier to sort it out and the visitor experience is also better.

What is Website Loading Speed ​​and Why is it Important?
We are sure that some brand new bloggers must also be reading this post who have absolutely no idea what the loading speed of a blog is and why it is so important. So let us explain everything to you in detail.

When you do some search on Google yourself and click on the link of a website, many websites open very quickly but many take too much time. This is the loading speed of that website. Its speed is estimated only by the opening of that website.

How To Increase Blog Loading Speed

Meaning the time it takes for any website to open completely is its loading time. Means the lower the loading time of the blog, the higher will be its loading speed. You must have seen that many websites open in just 2 seconds, while many take up to 6-7 seconds.

So this means that the loading time of some websites is 2 seconds and for some 6 or 7 seconds. Hope you have understood Website Speed. Now here comes the thing that what should be the loading speed of the blog which can be called good.

If the loading time of your website is 3 second then you do not need to worry, because it is considered good. Similarly, if the speed of your blog is less than 3 seconds (like 2 or one and a half seconds), then it is considered very good.

This means that your website is very fast. But if the speed of your website is more than 4 seconds then you need to think how to increase the loading speed of your blog or website.

Because it is not considered really good speed. Similarly, if a blog takes more than 7 seconds to open, then the chances of that blog performing well in Google Search Results are very less.

It may be that some of his 4-5 posts get ranked due to quality content. But that website will not get much organic traffic. Because Blog Speed ​​Matters A Lot, now Google has said it completely openly. Let us know why website loading speed is so important now.

If you want to become a successful blogger then you should understand that only 2-4 good keywords can change your life in blogging. Yes, these 2-4 good keywords can not only get you a lot of organic traffic but can also make you rain money.

Do you know that with just one keyword, thousands of organic traffic can come to your website. Provided that your keyword is of high search volume and is ranked at number 1 position in Google Seach Results. Now suppose you have published a post on one such keyword.

After a few days, that post of yours also came on the 1st page of Google. But still you are not getting as much traffic as you expected according to the search volume of that keyword.

know why? Because out of all the people who come by searching that keyword, more than 90% of the people just open the top 3 websites and leave. Meaning people are not able to reach your post, only a few people are coming.

And knowing this, you might not believe that out of 90 percent of the people who are coming to those Top 3 Ranked Websites, more than 50% of the people go away only after opening the website ranked at number 1. Meaning that fewer people reach the second number website than that and even less on the third number.

We are telling you all this because one position is very important in Google Search Results, because of this the traffic is greatly affected. And to bring it on the top i.e. number 1, Google definitely sees the loading speed of the page of any website.

Here we take the example of those Top 3 Ranked Websites only. Let’s assume the content of those three is strong, SEO is also good, then at what number will Google show it? Yes, you understand it right, Google will show that website on top of them whose website loading speed is better than others.

That is why it becomes very important for the loading speed of any blog to be fast. Especially after coming to the 1st page of Google, in order to get your post to the top, you have to bring the speed of the website to the top.

There is a fact in blogging that you get more than 90% of your organic traffic from posts that are ranked on the 1st page. And as soon as the post comes on the first page, Google starts the game of Blog Loading Speed. This is the reason why the loading speed of any website is so important.

Because with bad loading speed first thing you can not reach 1st page only. If in some way you reach due to your backlinks and quality content, then you will not be able to reach the top of the page, because website loading speed will matter a lot there.

So in this way, despite getting a good keyword ranked on the first page, you will not be able to get good traffic. Apart from this, whenever a new update of Google comes after a few days, your post will also be disappeared from the first page. Because the loading speed of your website is not good.

In your place, Google will bring those blogs whose content is good as well as website speed is also tremendous. Because Google has only one fund, it only works for visitors. He wants that the visitor should not face any kind of problem and he also gets the right answer to his question.

This is the reason that he brings up such websites which open as soon as possible, any visitor has to wait at least for it to open. So you understand? Why Website Loading Speed ​​Is So Important? So let us now know How To Increase Website Loading Speed.

Ways to Increase Loading Speed ​​of Blog – How to Increase Loading Speed ​​of Website
Many things have a hand in increasing the speed of the website. Here we will tell you about all those points in a correct order. Meaning the most important thing is at number one, after that the second important thing at number two, in this way you will also understand what is the most important thing to increase the loading speed of the website.

How to increase the loading speed of the website

(1) Use Fast Hosting – Do you know that the Server Response Time of your website should be less than 200 milliseconds for your blog’s speed to be good. But most of the new bloggers buy such cheap shared hosting whose server’s response time is very high.

Do you understand, it is obvious that the more late response you get from your hosting server, the more time it will take to open your website. So if you want fast loading speed then you have to take good hosting which is quite fast.

Hosting is the most important thing that can make your blog fast without any optimization. If your hosting is useless, then you will not be able to get that speed if you make a million efforts. Therefore hosting is the most important thing for fast loading of the website.

(2) Use Light Theme – Theme has a big hand in getting more or less the loading speed of the website after hosting. Many bloggers use such a theme in the affair of Stylish Theme which is really very heavy, due to which it takes a lot of time to load the website.

Most bloggers only use Free WordPress Themes due to lack of money. Which is a right decision by the way, but do you know that in most of the free themes HTML, CSS and JavaScript Codes are built in such a way that they are not minify.

Because of which the loading speed of your website is not so good despite using some good Speed ​​Booster Plugins. So if you want to do Seriously Blogging and want to go ahead successfully, then in some way buy a good Lightweight Premium Theme for yourself.

(3) Correct use of images – If your question is how to increase the loading speed of the website, then learn to use images properly. We see that new bloggers pick up the same image from where they got it and put it in their post. Many people from above put many images in a single post without talking.

This is also a big reason for the decrease of your website loading speed. Earlier some tricks used to work in blogging. Like if someone used to put more pictures in the post, then he would get a better rank. But now it is not like this at all, you should never do this.

First of all, keep in mind that where it is necessary to place the image, place it there. Try a 1000 Words

Do not use more than 2 or 3 images in the post. Second, whenever you apply an image, first compress it. Meaning reduce the size of your image in kb.

None of your images should be more than 25 kb, if it is less than 20 kb then it will be better. Large and heavy images take a lot of time to load, due to which the loading time of your blog increases. To compress images, you use Online Tools or Plugins.

(4) Make sure to use CDN – CDN means Content Delivery Network which reduces the time of opening of our website. We bloggers mostly use such hostings whose data center is not in India, due to which it takes time to transfer data from the server.

This is the reason that our blog can also be opened in a long time. But CDN gets you rid of this problem, it makes the process of data transfer easier and faster, due to which the website loads very fast. This is a very good way to increase the loading speed of your blog.

If you cannot use any Paid CDN Service, then you can use Cloudflare’s Free Service. For this you have to create your account on Cloudflare and point its nameservers. To understand its complete process, you can search on Google or Youtube.

(5) Do Database Optimization – We keep editing in our blog, like editing Posts etc. or trying new plugins and then deleting them by Deactivate. By doing this, Editing Revisions and Plugins Related Data of Posts keeps getting stored in our server.

Due to which our database becomes a bit heavy and reduces the website loading speed. So it is important that we must optimize our database. For this you can take the help of plugins like WP Optimize and WP Sweep etc. There are very good plugins.

(6) Remove Unwanted Data, Scripts and Plugins – Many bloggers make their blog too heavy in the process of making it more stylish, due to which it takes more time to load. First of all, delete all the unwanted data on your website.

Whether it is useless posts, images, pages or comments etc. After this you have to keep in mind that do not use too many widgets on your blog. The more scripts you add to your theme, the more heavy it will become and the more time it will take to load.

After that you have to try that you will use only those plugins which are very important. Remember, the more plugins you use, the more time your website will open. Deactivating the plugin will not work only, if you do not use it then delete it.

(7) Do Home Page Optimization – Some people make their homepage heavy themselves and then live in tension that how to increase the loading speed of their website. Hey, once you have a look at your home page, why it is taking so much time to open.

Remember, try to keep the number of Featured Posts on your home page to a minimum. If you are getting 10 or more posts to be shown on your homepage itself, then the loading speed of your website will be less. Because there will be more data and images, then it will take more time to load them.

Apart from this, if you are getting Adsense ads show on your blog, then at least put ads on your homepage. Ads have a big hand in reducing the loading speed of the website. That’s why our advice to you is that you keep the homepage absolutely Adfree, do not put any ad.

Anyway, visitors come to your posts, only a few people reach your homepage. So doing this will not make any difference to your earning. After this comes the number of Google Fonts. Some fonts take longer to load. So avoid them and use Light Fonts which load quickly.

(8) Use Cache Plugins – Cache is very important in the early opening of the website. If your Cache is enabled, then any visitor will open your website once again after opening it, then it will be loaded immediately.

Because when he opened your website for the first time, then the cache store of your blog is stored in his device. For this you use 1-2 good Cache Plugins like Wp Total Cache, WP Super Cache and Autoptimize etc. These are the best ways to increase the speed of your website.

(9) Use Latest PHP Version – If you are a blogger then you have to pay attention to even the smallest things of your website, otherwise it affects your rankings in some way or the other. Many people do not pay attention at all that their website is running on the old PHP version.

Due to which not only the loading speed of his blog decreases, but the website also becomes unsecured. So keep upgrading your PHP version from time to time and use the latest PHP version.

Upgrading PHP Version is very easy. For this, you go to your Hosting Control Panel and there you will see the option of “Multi PHP Manager” in the “Software” segment, click on it. From there you can apply by selecting the latest PHP version.

(10) Keep doing WordPress Optimazation – you have paid attention from time to time.

Must have been given that your WordPress Dashboard keeps updating something or the other. Like, sometimes the theme has to be updated, sometimes a plugin or sometimes the WordPress version has to be updated.

You have to always keep an eye on these things and update it as soon as the notification of update of anything comes. Many bloggers do not pay attention to these update notifications and keep using old versions only, due to which the site speed keeps on decreasing.

So these were some tips to increase the speed of your blog which will be of great help to you in fixing your speed issue to a great extent. But in the end, we will repeat the same thing once again that good hosting is very important for the website’s loading speed to be good.

So invest a little more money in hosting, take such hosting for your blog which is fast. Where is the fun in increasing the loading speed of the website by doing different types of gambling that comes in using a fast hosting. So choose the best hosting for your website, after all you have to become a successful blogger.

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