How to Get Free SSL

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) which is an encrypted link between your blog and the visitors to which you transfer data securely. No hacker can see the transfer data of your site.

SSL certificate is a web certificate which contains your name, domain, company, name and expiry date of SSL. Also called htpps.

What is HTTP vs HTTPS Me Different
Matlab is HyperText Transfer Protocol for HTTP and Matlab for HTTPS is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. That is, it is not secure in Http.

Your data is completely secure in Matlab’s HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) and your site data over http is not secure.

That is, if you are using HTTP on the blog, then the data of your blog is encrypted and secure. By which the security of your blog is very strong. So if you are using http on your blog then you have to transfer it over https.

Do HTTPS Karna Ke Faide
By using https on the blog you do many things like

1) Your site will increase in rank.

Your blog’s ranking will be better than the blogs on which https is not used. And you are the public whose blog ranking will be good, the traffic of US blog will also be high.

2) Blog Ki Data Security High Hogi

If your blog’s data will be secure, the data for visitors to your blog will also be safe. And use any hackers will not hack. The more visitors and the trust of your blog will also increase.

Where to put HTTPS /SSL certificate on WordPress blog
If you buy SSL certificate, then its cost will be 3000-5000. You can buy it from Cloudflare, Bluehost, Hostgator, GoDaddy anywhere.

The Complete Guide for Beginners How to Create a Blog on WordPress in 10 Minutes
But I recommend you to install free SSL certificate from Cloudflare on your blog. Cloudfare aapko 3 provides SSL certificates of Teraha.

1) Flexible SSL

2) Full SSL

3) Native CA

On what post, I will tell you how to install Cloudflare’s free flexible SSL certificate.

You will need to change your domain nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers before uploading the Cloudflare SSL certificate to the blog. So if you didn’t change the domain nameserver then you have to change ISE first. And enable https on your blog only after pure 24 hours.

It is a bit difficult to say how long it will take for me to change the voice to nameservers. Because sometimes even in 2 to 3 hours you change. And sometimes it takes longer. So it would be better if you enable https only after 24 hours.

Setup WordPress Blog HTTPS Kaise
Step 1: First of all you create ek account on cloudflare. Connect your blog with Cloudflare.

Step 2: Enable SSL Kare

To enable SSL, you first click on Crypto. Then click on the SSL Me Flexible option.

free cloudflare https ssl certificate kaise setup kare on blog

Now you have requested for SSL certificate on Cloudflare. Now it takes some time to activate. After it is activated, you will see the active key button show on it.

free cloudflare https ssl certificate kaise setup kare on blog

Step 3: Install the Plugin

  1. Cloudflare

free cloudflare https ssl certificate kaise setup kare on blog

  1. Really Simple SSL

free cloudflare https ssl certificate kaise setup kare on blog

You will find many plugins for SSL/HTTPS. But in you use the plugin. Because loading the plugin into your blog will not be a problem.

And you will know how important it is to have fast blog loading time. The faster the loading speed of the blog, the more traffic will be received on your blog. And there will be no parison in setting up the plugin, that is, it is also very easy to configure.

Now you activate Cloudflare. And then you login on it, add the API key.

Step 4: Create page rules

Then you click on Next tap. And go to Cloudflare’s site. And click on Page Rules. On this you have to create new page rules.

free cloudflare https ssl certificate kaise setup kare on blog

If your domain on this is like then you have to make 2 page rule. And add your domain like a screen short on the page.

How to Setup Free Cludflare

But if your blog opens on then you have to create a single page rule. And on this you can go to Add . Then always use https. And click on save button.

free cloudflare https ssl certificate kaise setup kare on blog

Then you go to your blog and activate the Really Simple SSL Plugin.

Now that HTTPS is setup on your blog. Now go to Settings > General Options on the WordPress Dashboard. And change kare to HTTP to HTTPS.

free https ssl certificate kaise setup kare on blog

And then add https in search console also add a new sitemap.

Finally, now that your Cloudflare Flexible SSL setting is working, you can check your site’s pages on SSL checker sites like or

How to Enable HTTPS on Blogger
It is very easy to setup https on Blogspot. Because first you use Cloudflare CDN ka SSL Cartificate, you have to do. But now Google has added this service only on Blogspot. With which you can enable HTTPS on your blog by making a little setting on your blogspot itself.

how to start blogging on blogspot
To set up https on blogger blog, first you go to your blog’s dashboard. Then click on niche settings.

Now next you select Yes on HTTPS instead of No on HTTPS availability. Then you https availability is being pushed forward that the message will show. Wait for a while and then click on the Yes key button on the top HTTPS redirect as well.

how to setup blogger https

Now your blog has https enabled. If not, then wait for some time and then clear the catch of your browser. And then open your blog. Now the HTTPS certificate has been setup on your blog.

But still, if you have any problem, then you tell on the comment box below. I would like to help you.

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