How to Change Blog Post URL

You will know how important the URL of a blog post is. Click on the URL of the post Visitors visit your blog post. And when you publish your blog post there is a link to it. What we call permalinks and slugs on Yoast SEO.

how to change url of blog post

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But very bare we have to change our url after publishing our post. Like spelling mistakes because of wrong post URL is to read Changing your permalink.

But if you change your URL directly, all you have to add the link of your post, they will be error. And along with all your social media sites you have shared or marketed your post, that Shabi link will show 404 error.

So we cannot change the URL of our post. But if you also read to change the permalink of your post, you will have to redirect to 301 after updating your post. Which will not cause your url 404 error. And you can also change the link of your post.

So let’s see how to change the URL of WordPress blog.

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How to Change the URL of a WordPress Blog Post
If you have read to change the URL of your published blog, then you can login to your WordPress blog. And click on Add FIR Plugin Plugin.

Then next you search for redirection on the search bar of plugins. And the redirection plugin is installed and activated.

Now open the post whose link you want to change. And then move the mouse on the Tools key button on the left side bar of the post and then open the Redirection button in a new tab.

Next you go to your post and copy the link of your post from the snippet preview of the Yoast SEO plugin. And open the Redirection key.

Now below you will see the option of Add New Redirection.

how to change url of blog post

Now append your URL to the source URL. Then you go to your post and change the post’s slug and update it. And then copy your new URL and use add to target URL of redirection. And select Group par Redirection. And click on Last Me Add Redirection. For example you can see the below screen short.

how to change url of blog post

Your post has been redirected now. And now your post will not show 404 error.

But always keep one thing in mind that if you have more 404 error posts on your site then it will spoil the rank and loading speed of your site. So keep checking the broken links of your blog. And if you get even 1 broken link on your blog 301 cross redirect to use.
Finally, I hope you now know how to change the URL of a blog post. But also if you have any problem in redirecting your post, you tell me on the comment box below.

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