How and why to create an account on Google Analytics

How and why to create an account on Google Analytics? Knowing about this is very important for every blogger.

Because after creating a blog, Google analytics is used to track it. And it is very important for a professional blogger to track his blog.

Means whether there is some improvement in your blog or not, how many visitors are visiting the blog, where are they coming from? You can check many more like this on Google Analytics.

In this post I will tell you about how to create an account on Google Analytics. Which you can see the complete details of your blog.

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What is Google Analytics
Google analytics is a product of Google, on which you can see complete information of your blog. Like, how many live visitors are viewing your blog? From which device are you watching, what is the location? You can see more such details on analytics.

If you say in simple language, then Google Analytics is such a tool that along with tracking your blog, it also helps in making it a success.

Why Use Google Analytics?

This is a very important question, why should we use Google Analytics.

So the answer to this will be known to you only after knowing the futures of Google Analytics.

Futures of Google Analytics
(1) How many live visitors are there in Blog

(2) From which mobile, tablet, computer are you using.

(3) What is driving

(4) Where have you come from organic, direct or from social site

(5) Have you come to the site by searching keywords?

(6) How many visitors came according to day/month/year

(7) How many page views are there in total

(8) What is the bounce rate

(9) have come from the country

(10) How many old new visitors are on the site

(11) Which page is checked how many times?

(12) Which keyword has come by clicking on it?

Apart from these, you can see many more information on google analytics. And when you know so much about your blog, then you will easily be able to improve on your blog.

And very soon you will be able to make your blog a success.

How to Create Account on Google Analytics
At first you visit Google Analytics. And click on the sign up button.

Blog Ke Liye Google Analytics

Now a form will come in which you have to add your site information.

Blog Ke Liye Google Analytics
And on this you first click on the website and then,

  1. Enter Account Name
  2. ADD the website name
  3. Enter the URL of the Website
    Now after entering the complete details, you click on Get Tracking Id.

Now on this page you select your country at first, then read the tram and in the last click on the I accept button.

Blog Ke Liye Google Analytics

Now a new page will come in front of you, it will have the tracking id of your google analytics. What I have given below on the screen shot xxxx will be your tracking code, copy it.

Now this tracking id has to be added to your blog.

Blog Ke Liye Google Analytics

How to Add Google Analytics Tracking ID to BlogSpot Blog
To add tracking id to the blog, now you go to your dashboard, then go to the setting and click on other. And then by entering your copied tracking id in google analytics below and click on save setting button.

Blog Ke Liye Google Analytics

Now your blog is added to Google analytics. Now you can check the complete information of your blog on google analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it necessary to create an account on Google Analytics?
Yes, if you have a blog then it is necessary to create an account on analytics. Only then can you make your blog popular quickly.

How to see the details of your blog on Google Analytics?
After creating an account on Analytics, you can see live details on Dashboard by logging in. Also many more features will be found under the dashboard. Which you can check the complete details of the blog.

Is the correct details of the blog available on Google Analytics?
Can’t say 100% yes, but you can see a lot of blog information on Google Analytics. Which is 80 – 90% Correct.

Finally, why and how to create an account on Google Analytics, how did you like this information? Or if you have any question then tell me on the comment box below.

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