What is High Quality Content?

If you are blogging then it is very important for you to know what is High Quality Content and how to write High Quality Content. Because this is the most important thing that works to increase organic traffic. So let us know in this article how to write SEO Friendly High Quality Post for your blog?

If you pay attention, you will find that the number of Hindi Blogs in India is increasing day by day. Because of which now it has become a difficult task for any blogger to be successful. The reason for this is that many articles are being published every day on the same keyword. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of bloggers.

Although it is also true that most of these new bloggers do not know what is High Quality Content and how to write SEO Friendly Post for your blog. Initially, those people do not understand how it is important in increasing the traffic of the blog.

This is the reason that such new bloggers just keep posting extravagant posts on their website and keep waiting for themselves to be successful. But that much wait soon ends in the form of failure and they call Blogging as Good Bye.

This is because they did not know at all how to write high quality content. Nor was there any tipster present to give them. He did not have any idea of ​​this thing that even if the posts are less, but every post must be of quality.

However, to get good rankings, it is also necessary that you keep updating your blog regularly, that is, keep adding new posts. But more important than that, the post you are putting should be of high quality.

For Google, quality is more important than the number of posts. This is the reason that sensible bloggers may rarely post posts in a week, but whatever they put is SEO Friendly and High Quality Content.

Understand one thing very well, no matter how many low quality posts you keep publishing on your blog, your organic traffic will not increase. Because when a post is not ranked in the top of Google, then where will visitors come from on it.

So the meaning of saying this is that you may put less posts, but prepare good content and put it. Only then will your traffic increase. Let us now know what is called High Quality Content.

What Is High Quality Content In Hindi – What is High Quality Content
Content here means our post which we publish on our blog. So High Quality Content means that whatever post we publish should be the best. Good and complete information has been given in it. In which it has been explained in very easy language keeping the visitor in mind.

So what does it just end? No, you have to delve a little deeper and know what we mean by the best post. We will tell you further in the post how to write High Quality Content, but first it is very important to understand it well that what type of post is called High Quality Post.

See, to prepare High Quality Content, you have to keep 2 things in mind. The first is Visitors and the second is Google. If these two are not happy with any of your posts, then understand that your post is not a quality article.

How to Write High Quality Content

Your content cannot be said to be of high quality only because of liking of visitors alone or by liking Google alone. Let us explain this in a little detail. Suppose you published a good post according to yourself and it got indexed and came directly to the first page of Google.

Now just think, how did that post of yours come directly to the first page of Google? Because when Google checked it on its factors, it found it good and SEO friendly. Now visitors will start coming to that post, but luckily your visitors are not liking what you have written.

What will happen with this that most of the visitors take exit without reading that post completely. Due to which the bounce rate of that post becomes high and in a few days Google downs it. So such a post cannot be called High Quality Content. Now let’s move on to the second story.

Suppose you have prepared a strong post by working hard and published it and also shared it on Social Media Platforms. From there you will get amazing results. People liked, shared and commented a lot on your post on social media.

Meaning that your post almost became Viral. Seeing all this, you will feel that I have never received so much traffic from Facebook etc. This post has done wonders, people have liked it a lot, so this post will definitely come on the first page of Google as soon as it is indexed.

As soon as that post index happens after 1-2 days, you see that it is showing on the 5th page. Seeing this breaks your heart. Why did this happen here? Because your content was strong, so visitors liked it.

But Google saw a lot of shortcomings related to SEO in it, due to which it did not rank it well. So such articles also cannot be called High Quality Content. So by now you must have understood a lot about what we are trying to explain to you.

“The content that only visitors like is not high quality content, nor is the content liked only by Google of high quality. Which is liked by both Post Visitors and Google, it is called High Quality Content.

They are”.

Hope you have understood very well what is High Quality Content. When the number of such posts on your blog will increase, then your organic traffic starts increasing. Because when the post is liked by both Google and Visitors, it stays in the top for a long time.

Now it must be coming in your mind that how to prepare such high quality content? How is this type of quality article written? So don’t worry, now we are going to tell you about this thing further. We are going to give you all those tips to prepare High Quality Post which are most important.

How to Create Quality Post for Blog – How to Write High Quality Content
(1) First of all do research – even if you have complete knowledge of the topic on which you are going to write. But doing a little research about one thing can prove to be very beneficial.

In fact, many bloggers live in this pride that I know everything about this, then what is the need to do research. But time is changing rapidly, new updates keep coming. There may not be some such points in your mind, which will come to your attention after doing research.

Apart from this, research gives you an idea that what is the content of the posts which are getting ranked in the top on this keyword. This helps you to create better content than them, which increases your chances of coming to the top. Therefore, give at least 20-30 minutes of time to research.

(2) Write a post considering yourself as a Visitor – There are many new bloggers who learn some basic points of SEO and understand that they have come to know how to write high quality content. But the reality is that those people just get entangled in the affair of doing SEO.

They prepare their post in such a way as to write that post only for Google. Hey brothers, your post is not to be read by Google but for visitors, then write for them. Before preparing and publishing your post, do read it yourself once.

Read yourself as a visitor and see if you liked it? Are you satisfied with the answer given in that post? Is this what the visitor wanted to know? By doing this you will feel the shortcomings living in that post.

Now think that what else can be added to it so that that post becomes a Complete Quality Article. Publish that post only after you are completely satisfied as a visitor, see you will get better results.

(3) Get into the depth of the topic – Whenever we write a post, we try to complete it just as quickly. Due to which that article looks like incomplete. Many points are missed in it, about which we should have explained (which was necessary to tell the visitors) but we did not explain them.

Above we have explained to you what is High Quality Content, a quality article is the same in which complete information has been given. It is very important for visitors to explain everything point to point. After reading your post completely, visitors should not feel like some incompleteness.

He should feel that he has got the information he was looking for. Normal information is given by everyone, to make your content better, write from your heart, delve into the topic a little more deeply. Your post should be a detailed article. Do not Pulish Posts on Blog as a compulsion.

(4) Write in small paragraphs – Many bloggers write in very big paragraphs, due to which visitors have a lot of trouble in reading. You might not know that there is only one thing called Readability in Blogging which is an important factor for Rankings.

What is High Quality Content

If you write in very big paragraphs, then not only will your post look ugly, but the User Experience will also be bad. Posts written in short paragraphs are more likely to rank well, because user engagement is high.

(5) Try to write a little different from others – Most of the new bloggers may consider themselves experts but they do not have any idea how to write high quality content. Even if they understand blogging completely technically, but the most important thing is content.

Most of the bloggers are either doing copy paste work or after reading the content of the ranked websites on the first page in Google, they publish the post by making some changes in it. If such an article is in the category of High Quality Content, then does it not come in the Low Quality Content category only?

If you work in this way, even if you work continuously for 5 years, your blog will never be successful. Blogging means presenting one’s own ideas and knowledge in front of people. Not by sticking someone else’s knowledge in your post and publishing it.

Try to make your article unique. Prepare the post according to your knowledge, language and writing skills. The facts which are related to the topic, everyone writes in the post, everyone remains the same.

But do something different in your post, add some different Special Points or Additional Information. Then see if your post does not come to the top fast, then say. In this way your article will come in the category of a High Quality Content.

(6) SEO of Blog Post properly – Here new bloggers understand one thing

Take that it is also necessary to do SEO, but it is wrong to just get entangled in SEO and spoil the post.

Yes, it is necessary to do basic SEO so that Google can understand what is the main keyword of your post and on which keywords it has to be ranked where. You have to learn where and how many times to use your Main Keyword in the post.

Apart from this, we have to use more keywords in our post so that our post is shown in Google even with those keywords and we get more organic traffic. Once understand the formula of High Quality Content – ​​Complete Informative Article + Perfect SEO + Good User Experience.

Yes, that is just the secret of writing your High Quality Article. If you do not know at all how to do SEO of your post, then you must read our 2 posts once. With this you will understand how to do SEO of both your blog and posts and how to use keywords in posts.

What is Keyword and why it is important
How to do SEO
(7) Be sure to use Headings and do it correctly – Headings are used so that different topics can be told in different segments in the post. This makes your post appear as a Well Prepared Article.

Apart from this, use your keywords in your headings that you want to be ranked. Be sure to add your Main Focus Keyword to H2 Heading. Google mostly focuses on those keywords which are included in the headings.

But Headings should be used properly. Many bloggers keep their every heading as H2 Heading which is wrong. Use Headings according to the importance of the topic. So you are not understanding how Quality Post is written for Blog.

(8) Do not write the matter by turning it around – Many new bloggers hear one thing from other old bloggers that the longer the article you write, the better the rank will be. It is not like that at all. If you can clear a topic in just 1000 words then why force it to be lengthy?

It is true that Google likes long articles. Because Google thinks that it has been told in full detail, so it also gives good ranking in the beginning. But after a few days, when Google comes to know that the article has been lengthened by forcibly dragging it, then it downs it.

The number of words in the post is good, but do not ignore the quality. Do not tell the things which do not need to be mentioned in that post. There are many bloggers who just deviate from the topic in the pursuit of lengthening the post and start writing things here and there.

Due to this the quality of your post falls. Never write anything twisted, always be Right To Point and explain clearly. If the matter is getting clear from 1000-1200 words only, then there is no need to make it 2000 words.

(9) Do not use keywords indiscriminately – If you want to learn how to write high quality content, then before that learn to use keywords correctly. New bloggers have a problem that they want to do SEO of the post completely according to Yoast SEO.

As long as the Yoast SEO Plugin keeps notifying them that you have repeated your Main Focus Keyword less often in the post, then they keep on forcing their Keyword here and there. They do this until Yoast SEO gives them Green Signal.

This spoils the quality of your article and users also do not like the post. Due to this the User Experience is bad. Tell me one thing, do you think Google is crazy? Hey brother, Google is so smart that even without keywords, it ranks the post by making some keyword from its side.

Then why are you repeating the keywords in the post so many times? By using keywords in First Paragraph, Headings and Last Paragraph, Google understands everything. By doing this, your post does not even look ugly. So add Naturally Keywords to your post, do not enter forcefully.

(10) Fix Spelling And Grammer Mistakes – You must have read the posts of many bloggers who have used Spelling Mistakes and wrong words in their posts. I get very angry after reading such a post. It seems as if calling this blogger right now and listening to the truth.

Due to this, not only does the visitors feel bad, but Google also does not give good ranking to such a post which contains Spelling and Word Mistakes. So never publish your post in a hurry. First read it yourself, check the mistakes well and publish the article only after correcting them.

If you write your post by following all the points, then now you do not need to ask anyone how to write a quality article for the blog. Because if you implement all these tips in your post, then undoubtedly it will be a high quality article ready.

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