What is Guest Posting?

If you are a blogger then you must know about guest posting. Because it is an important part of blogging. Although not all bloggers are unanimous about its importance. Some look at it in a positive way. So there, some consider it to be a useless headache. But whatever it is, no one can deny the benefits of guest posting. This is a great option for link building and generating traffic. Along with this, it is also very helpful in improving the ranking of the blog. But the question is, is this guest posting? And how is it done? Let us know in detail.

What is Guest Posting?
If you submit a post on someone else’s blog. And the owner of that blog publishes that post on his blog. So your post will be called Guest Post for that blog. This is actually an SEO Technique, which is used for Link Building. That is, you get High Quality DoFollow Backlink through Guest Post. Which helps to bring traffic to your blog and improve rank. But despite this, some bloggers do not consider guest posting to be correct. Because this affects the SEO of the blog.

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Actually Guest Post has a direct impact on the SEO and Ranking of the blog. You can understand it through this example. Suppose A submitted a guest post on B’s blog, in which A created a DoFollow Backlink to page-C of his blog. Now suppose that later on A starts posting wrong things on his blog. And replaces Page-C with a Spam Page. So it will have a very negative effect on B’s blog. And if B does not pay attention to this immediately then the ranking of his blog will fall.

This is the negative aspect of guest posting. Now let’s talk about the positive side. That is, the benefits of guest posting.

Benefits of Guest Posting
The disadvantages of guest posting are less and the advantages are more. That is why guest posting has a special place in the field of blogging. I would like to tell you that many big and famous bloggers also do guest posting. Because it has many benefits. Here are 4 big advantages :-

Quality Backlink: The biggest advantage of guest posting is that you get High Quality DoFollow Backlink.
Lifetime Traffic: Guest-posting is a good source of traffic. Because this keeps your blog getting Referral Traffic throughout its life.
Brand Making: People who want to establish their blog or website as a big brand. Guest posting can prove to be very helpful for them. Because it is helpful in increasing DA, PA and Ranking.
Relationship: Guest posting helps in establishing relationship with other bloggers.
Guest Posting On Techsevi
If you want to send Guest Post to Techsavvy.com then you are welcome. You can send us both Free and Paid Guest Posts. But keep in mind, one, your post should be in Hindi language. And secondly, the language of the post should be simple. Because we take our tagline “Easy To Learn Technology” very seriously. That is why the language of the post should be such that even a less educated person can easily understand.

And most importantly, your content should not be copied from anywhere. Some people copy blogs of other languages ​​and translate them into Hindi. And after making little changes, think that now you will not be caught. but it’s not like that. We take this thing very seriously. And check each paragraph of the post closely. That’s why don’t send us such posts.

Topics And Categories
Since techsavvy.com is a technology website. That is why we accept guest posts only on topics related to technology. For your convenience, we have selected some topics and categories. Under which you can send us Guest Posts. The details of the selected topics and categories are as follows:-

Social Media
Web Development
Online Services
Note: We do not accept Smartphone Reviews, Tutorials and News Articles. That’s why do not send this kind of post to us at all. We only give importance to Information Based Articles. That’s why try to have as much valuable information as possible in your post.

Guest Posting Rules
We have made some rules for guest posting, which are necessary to follow. If you do not follow these rules, then your post will not be accepted. So read each and every rule thoroughly and follow it.

  1. Your post should be in Hindi language (Devanagari script). We do not accept posts written in English and Hinglish.
  2. You can write important keywords related to the topic in English language. See for example the articles on TechSavvy.com.
  3. The minimum word limit for Guest Post is 1500 words. Posts with less than this words will not be accepted.
  4. The post should not contain any spelling and grammatical errors. If there are minor errors, we will edit them. But in case of inaccuracies in excess, the post will be rejected.
  5. No paragraph of the post should be more than 150 words. Also, the formatting of the paragraphs should be absolutely correct.

Content Quality

  1. Your Post

T must be original. No part of the post (paragraph or sentence) should be copied or translated from anywhere. Because we do not publish Duplicate and Copied Content.

  1. High Quality Content is our top priority. So try that your content is quality.
  2. There should not be any kind of advertisement or promotion in your post. Also there should not be any external link.
  3. You will get only one DoFollow Backlink. Which you can use either in a post, or in an author introduction.
  4. The post you are sending to techsavvy.com. It should not be published on any other blog or website. Not even on my own blog.
  5. Your post should be Search Engine Friendly (SEO Friendly).

Important Details

  1. It is mandatory to send at least one photo along with the post. Post will not be published without photo. Keep in mind, your photo should be copyright free. Also the topic should be related.
  2. The post must be accompanied by the full name of the author, a brief biography, URL of the blog or blog post, email address, and a photo. So that the post can be published with your name and photo.
  3. The post will be published only under those categories which are already present on techsavvy.com. No new category will be created.
  4. For Paid Guest Post you can also send desired Category Name, Tags, Anchor Text for Backlink, ALT Texts for Images and Meta Description. But keep in mind, the number of tags should not be more than 10.

Terms & Conditions
Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting Guest Post. Our Terms & Conditions related to Guest Post are as follows :-

  1. If once your post got published on techsavvy.com. So you cannot send it to any other blog or website for publication. Nor can publish it on your blog/website.
  2. Once published, your post will never be deleted from TechSavvy.com under any circumstances.
  3. We can edit and modify the guest post sent by you according to our need. Even the Title, Category, Tags, Keywords, Hyperlinks, Photos, and Content of the post can be changed whenever you want. If you have any objection, please don’t send your post to us.
  4. You cannot use the page/post for which you will be given a backlink, for spam or propaganda. If you do this then your backlink will be removed forever.
  5. If your website has suffered SEO related damage due to your backlink. So we reserve the right to change your backlink to NoFollow Backlink or Text.

DoFollow Backlink Conditions

  1. DoFollow Backlink will be available only to those blogs and websites. Whose DA will be more than 5, Spam Score less than 2% and Alexa Rank less than 7 lakh (7,00,000).
  2. After submitting the guest post, you have to wait for at least 5 days. Because during this time we will review your content.
  3. The author in whose name the post will be published. A blank account will be created in his name on techsavvy.com. But access to this account will remain with TechSavvy.com for life. The author or any person associated with the author will not be given access to this account.
  4. Affiliated links will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  5. The facility of Free Guest Post is only and only for Hindi bloggers.
  6. Techsavvy.com reserves the right to change the above terms and conditions at any time.

Submit Guest Post
You do not need any computer or laptop to send guest post to techsavvy.com. Nor is MS Word needed. just pick up your phone; Go to the Email Box; Type your post; Attach photos and send them to the email address of techsavvy.com. But do not forget to add the following details in the email:-

Subject: The subject of the email should be “New Guest Post”. So that your mail can be read as soon as possible.

Body: The body of the email should first contain your post and then the author and necessary details related to the post. If you want to say something other than the post, write it at the end.

Important details related to the author :-

author’s full name
brief biography
E mail ID
blog name
Blog Address (URL)
A Photo
Important details related to the post :-

post title
category of post
at least 3 tags
at least 1 photo
ALT Text to Photo
URL for Backlink
Anchor Text for Backlink
Meta Description

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