What is Google Keyword Planner? How to use it?

If someone asks you that which is the largest search engine in the world? So of course your answer will be Google. And there should be. Because Google is the world’s number-1 search engine with 92.41% market share worldwide. And this is no small figure. Rather, in India this figure is even bigger. Because 98.92% of users in India use Google. In such a situation, you yourself can understand that how much data will Google have related to Search Queries?

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Basically whatever is searched on the World Wide Web. No one knows about it better than Google, what people search? And why do you search? That is, what is their Search Intent? Also, Google also knows which keywords are searched for how much? And what is the most searched? This means to say that Google has a lot of data related to Search Queries. And this data is used in Keyword Planner.

What is Google Keyword Planner?
Google Keyword Planner (GKP) is a free keyword tool from Google. Which helps in finding the right keywords for Google Ads and planning Ad Campaigns. Also provides the necessary information about keywords. Such as Search Volume, Impressions, Competitive Score, CPC etc. Although it has been made keeping in mind the advertisers. But you do not need to advertise to use it.

I would like to tell you that Google Keyword Planner was earlier known as Google Keyword Tool. And it was part of Google AdWords. But on 24 July 2018, Google released an update. And changed the name of Google AdWords to Google Ads. Also improved the Google Keyword Tool and changed it to Google Keyword Planner (GKP). And merged the AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool into it. In this way Google Keyword Planner became a powerful tool.

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But actually it is a very simple tool, which is very easy to use. And is 100% free. With the help of this, you can find relevant keywords for your business or products. And targeting them can run Ad Campaign. Also if you are a Blogger or Youtuber. So also use it for Keyword Research. But the question is how? How to use google keyword planner? Let us understand step-by-step.

Requirements For Use
Google Keyword Planner is very easy to use. For this you need two things. One Gmail ID and the other Google Ads Account. Now you will ask why Google Ads Account? So this is actually the Main Tool. That is, Google Keyword Planner is a part of this. That is why Keyword Planner cannot be used without Ads Account.

Gmail Account
You must have a Gmail account to use Google’s services. Because without Gmail ID you cannot login. That’s why if you’re using any of Google’s services (such as Youtube, Drive, Maps, etc.), you’ll already have a Gmail ID. Because Gmail is a basic Internet service, which everyone uses. And of course you’ll be using it too. Well, let’s talk about Google Ads Account.

Google Ads Account
If you don’t have a Google Ads account, you can create one in 5 minutes. Just go to your browser and open ads.google.com. And login with your gmail id. As soon as you login, setup will start. And you have to answer some questions one by one. For example, what is the name of your business? What is your website address? What is your mobile number? What are the keywords related to your business? And through which medium will you make the payment?

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In Business Name, you have to write the name of your blog or YouTube channel. You can also write your own name if you want. Similarly, in the column containing the website address, the link of Blog and Youtube Channel has to be entered. And after every detail click on Next. Finally an advertisement will be ready. You can run whatever you want. Otherwise it can also be disabled. Well, after the setup is complete, you will get the option of Keyword Planner in Tools.

Compatible Device
There is a question related to Keyword Planner whether it can be used in Smartphone? So actually it gets open in the smartphone, but does not support properly. That is, many elements go out of the screen. And can’t read. That is why if you do a laptop or computer, then it is better. If you do not have a laptop or computer, then you can also run the work from a Smartphone. But there will be some problem.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner?
Actually Google Keyword Planner is a simple and easy to use tool. Which is quite easy to use. If you are a Blogger or Youtuber. And if you want to do Keyword Research, then you need to know about its features. Well, come on! Step-by-Step Understand how to use GKP (Google Keyword Planner)?

Login to Google Ads
First of all, open a browser on your phone or laptop. Such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or whatever browser you use. If Google Chrome is there, it will be better. because it goog

I have my own browser. That is why Keyword supports Planner in a better way. Well, after that open the ads.google.com website in your browser. And click on Sign In. After that login to your Google Ads account with the help of your Gmail ID and Password.

Open Keyword Planner Tool
After login, click on the Tools & Settings icon on the top right side. And after that click on the option of Keyword Planner. As shown in the screenshot below.

Google Keyword Planner Tool
On clicking, the Keyword Planner Tool will open. And you will see 2 options. As shown in the screenshot below. Here the first option is Discover New Keywords and the second is Get Search Volume And Forcasts.

Discover New Keywords
If you want to find new keywords for any blog article and Youtube video. So click on the first option. Whereas if you have keywords. And you want to check their Search Volume, CTR, Ad Cost etc. Then click on the second option. The second option is for such advertisers. If you want to advertise by targeting a keyword. So according to your budget, you can get information related to Ad Cost, Impressions, Clicks and CTR.

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Well, let’s talk about Keyword Research. And know how to do keyword research with the help of Keyword Planner? And how to find new keywords for your blog articles and Youtube videos? So for this you have to click on Discover New Keywords. And choose your favorite option from Start With Keywords and Start With A Website. As shown in the screenshot below.

Start Keyword Research
Start Keyword Research
Now enter your Focus Keyword to start Keyword Research. And after that select Language and Country and click on Get Started. As shown in the above screenshot.

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For example, suppose you have a Hindi blog. And for that you have to write a blog post, whose topic is Digital Marketing. So Digital Marketing is your Focus Keyword. And Hindi is the language. As for the country, where is your audience from? If most of the audience is from India, then you should select India.

Discover New Keywords
Well, after selecting Focus Keyword, Language and Country, etc., as soon as you click on Get Started. A new page will open in front of you. And you will see a lot of new keywords related to Focus Keyphrase. Along with this, the proper details of each keyword will also be visible. As seen in the screenshot below.

Keyword Search Results
On this page you will be seeing some details related to keywords. such as Avg. Monthly Searches, Competition, Lowest Bid Price, Highest Bid Price etc. But you just need Avg. The focus is on Monthly Searches. And to choose such keywords, whose search volume is high. You can search keywords in different ways for better results. As shown in the screenshot below.

Keyword Planner Options
You must be seeing many options on this page? But these are just counting options. That is, apart from these, there are many options, which are very important for Keyword Research. But it is up to you how you use them. Well, come on! Let’s talk about some important options.

Keyword Planner Features
In the above screenshot you can see that some numbers are written in red circles. And some circles are even without numbers. These are actually some important features, which allow you to search keywords in different ways. And help in getting better keyword results. That’s why come! Know what they mean? Let us first understand the meaning of the numbers written in the red circles:

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With the help of this option, you can change the country whenever you want during keyword research.
With the help of this option, you can change the language. And based on the language, you can check the search volume of keywords.
If you want to see the keywords of Google as well as its Search Partners. So you can choose Google Search Partners.
How many times was a keyword searched in the last one day, one month or one year? And what was the difference in its search volume over time? For this information, you can choose the desired time period.
With the help of filters, you can hide important unnecessary keywords.
With the help of this option, you can edit the columns. And you can remove unnecessary columns. Also, you can increase or decrease the width of the columns.
If you want to see similar keywords as a group. So you can choose Grouped View.
With the help of this option, you can refine keywords according to different parameters. That is, you can get Accurate Keywords.
Broaden Your Search
With the help of this feature, you can increase the scope of your research. And can get additional keywords. That is, this feature will allow you to Rela from Focus Keyphrase.

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