After Installing WordPress Things To Do

When you install blog on WordPress, you will see some baker’s pages, posts or comments. so first you

(1) Delete default posts, pages and comments

what to do after blog on wordpress

Login to your blog and click on Posts > All Posts. And delete the default “falto post”.

Same way you delete the “Sample Page” on Pages>All Pages

And finally click on comment and delete default comment also.

(2) Set up WordPress Permalinks

what to do after blog on wordpress

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WordPress’s default permalink is

Permanent link for ye short high. But you are not search engine friendly. So you have to change it.

And for this, from the dashboard of your WordPress blog, go to Settings > Permalinks and select the post name.

By doing this, your URL will be shown on the search engine with keywords, then it will help you in a good rank or high traffic pen.

(3) Setup your timezone

what to do after blog on wordpress

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Set your local time on the timezone of your blog, this will be effective in scheduling your posts. And you will find it on your blog’s Settings > General.

Also, add the site name, tagline, of your blog on it. Because your name is what will show on the search engine.

(4) Enable/Disable User Registration

what to do after blog on wordpress

First you have to decide whether you will make your blog multi author blog or single author,

If you allow guest posting on your blog then you will get lots of spam registrations. But you can fix it with the help of plugin.

To allow this you uncheck the Anyone can register box. And tick the subscriber on the new user default role.

If you do not want anyone to register on your site, then anyone can register but do not tick.

(5) Set up WordPress discussion/comment settings

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what to do after blog on wordpress

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To set comment settings, go to Settings > Discussion. And if you set the above screen as short then it will be bigger.

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(6) WordPress Media Settings

what to do after blog on wordpress

Whether settings allow you to fully handle WordPress blog images

The default settings I have to make every uploaded image to WordPress have different sizes. Which is not royal at all. It causes problem for me loading your site.

So you go to Settings > Media and set the screenshot of the niche.

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last word
If you are using WordPress after using Blogger blog then you might have a little problem getting started. But if you properly follow the tips given with the help of the above screenshot. Like I have done in the show. You can set up your blog in the same way.

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For the first time you need to set the key to WordPress. That is, when you create a blog on WordPress, then you have to do this setting post. When this setting is done, now you should add a new theme to your blog. And also installing and activating some important plugins for your blog is the post.

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